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I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place. I'm new here.

Anyway, lately I've been trying to come up with types for the characters in the Call of Duty zombies series. And since nobody has done it yet!

So here are my loose guesses:

World at War:
Dr. Richtofen: XNTJ? (Since he came up with a whole scheme to control the zombies and betray Maxis, etc. Long term planning and following through, making him a Judging type)
Tank Dempsey: I'm almost certain he's an ESTP
Nikolai Belinski: ESTP..? (This one is a bit hard)
Takeo Masaki: I'm thinking ISTJ since he's about tradition and duty.

Black Ops 3:
The character's younger selves have slightly different personalities than their original selves in the first games)
Dr. Richtofen: He appears more introverted. Maybe INTJ...? INTP even...?
Tank Dempsey: I still think ESTP. Maybe ISTP.
Nikolai Belinski: Not an alcoholic like his older self. So he is showing his true personality. He seems almost self-sacrificing in black ops 3. More concerned with morals and ethics. Maybe ISFP or INFP...? Still a hard one.
Takeo Masaki: he hasn't changed much. I'm still going with ISTJ.

What do you guys think?
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