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Varian Wrynn: ESTJ
Thrall: ESTP
Arthas Menethil: ENTJ
Jaina Proudmoore: INFJ
Uther the Lightbringer: ISTJ?
Malfurion Stormrage: ISFJ
Illidan Stormrage: SP of some sort
Tyrande Whisperwind: ENTJ?
Maiev Shadowsong: ISxP
Sylvanas Windrunner: ISFP
Cairne Bloodhoof: ISFJ
Rexxar: ISTP
Genn Greymane: ESTP
Prophet Velen: ENFJ
Mekkatorque: IxTP
Gazlowe: ENTP
Gallywix: Se dom
Kael'thas Sunstrider: ENTP
Nozdormu: INTJ
Alexstrasza: INFJ
Ysera: INFP
Malygos: ISTJ
Kalecgos: ESTJ
Neltharion/Deathwing: xNTJ
Sargeras: ESTP
Kil'jaeden: INTJ
Queen Azshara: ENTJ
Lady Vashj: ISTJ
Kel'thuzad: INTJ
C'thun: INTJ
Yogg'saron: ISTP

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How do you explain her adventuresome spirit. That she is attracted to motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving, surfing, etc. And, HIGH puzzle-solving/analytical abilities?
Since I'm not an ISTP is it impossible for me to be attracted to all of those things then? That's just a stereotype, not proof of someone's MBTI. On Tomb Raider (2013) she's not solving puzzles just for the sake of it, she is driven by her desire to escape the island but she doesn't until she did everything she could to save her friends. She makes decisions based on her gut instincts and feelings for other people, it was her Fi that made her go to the lengths that she went to save Sam, a logical person would probably analyze the situation and come to the conclusion that doing such a thing would almost certainly lead to failure, while Lara didn't care about the probability of being sucessful.

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don't type based off of stereotypes. an ISFP can very well find love in these sorts of things. take rey from star wars, for example. she's an ISFP, but she holds a lot of ISTP stereotypes as well.

i haven't played tomb raider personally though, so i can't offer input to lara croft's type.

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i'm not sure if double-posting is allowed or not and the edit button for my above comment seems to have eluded my grasp and i've gotten tired of waiting for someone else to post so i can post so here we go. i'll merge these two posts if i need to.

i'm on "rise from the ashes" from the first ace attorney game (working through the first trilogy right now...i realize my icon is apollo and no, i have not played apollo justice yet) so i think i can type characters from that game. i also played the first trial of trials and tribulations before realizing i should probably play it from the beginning.

phoenix: seems amazingly ENFP in his college years, but seems more ENTP in AA1. not sure on him. probably ENTP, but not sure.
maya: ESFP
edgeworth: ISTJ
mia: ENTJ?
gumshoe: ISFP
penny nichols: INTP
dahlia hawthorne: INTJ most likely (based off of first trial in AA3...apparently she shows up again so maybe this is wrong.)
will powers: ISFP, but honestly this is how ISFPs are often portrayed. ugh.
manfred von karma: ESTJ
larry butz: annoying. ExFP
lotta hart: ENFP

based off of what i've read on the wiki, i'd say apollo is ISFP but it seems INFP is more popular of a type for him. so this might change when i get to playing apollo justice. the reason i say ISFP above INFP is purely because of his "perceive" ability, anyways.

so far i'm willing to bet ema skye is an ESTP, but again, this will probably change when i finish rise from the ashes.

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Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

Komaru Naegi: ISFJ
Toko Fukawa: INxP
Masaru Daimon: ESFP
Jataro Kemuri: IxFP. Can't tell if N or S
Kotoko Utsugi: extremely traumatized ESFJ, IMO
Nagisa Shingetsu: ISTJ
Monaca: she's hard to type. I'd say ENTJ, but I'm not sure
Haiji Towa: ISTx.

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Im curious if anyone can type 3 game characters.

Frank woods from call of duty black ops 1 and 2(been so long i dont even know where to start)

Vass from farcry 3(could be chalenging due to his insanity)

Nathan drake from uncharted.(i wanna say estp on this one but im not sure)

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Thomas was Alone, anyone? No? The multi-platform game with simple shape characters? I'm the only one, huh? Okay, that makes typing them sorta easy to get away with if I get them wrong.

Thomas(Red) ENTP
Chris(Orange) ISTJ
John(Yellow) ESTJ
Clair(Blue) ESFP
Laura(Pink) INFP
Sara(Purple) INTJ
James(Green) INFJ
Benjamin(Bonus Game character) ESTP

I'd leave a link for ones curious about my obscure game reference, but I'm not at 15 posts yet. Alas.

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I started playing the mmo Aion, and I've got to say it's pretty mediocre. However, I am far more interested in the lore of the universe than I am with the actual game (screw the Elyos). It's a very interesting tale. So I'll type the Empyrean Lords (pretty much the demi-gods of the verse), based on the limited info on them that is available in game.

Two Tower Guardians:
Israphel, Lord of Space - ENTJ
Siel. Lady of Time - ISFJ

Shedim Lords:
Azphel, Lord of Shadow - ENTJ
Lumiel, Lady of Wisdom - ENTP
Marchutan, Lord of Fate - ISTJ
Triniel, Lady of Death - ISTP
Zikel, Lord of Destruction - ESFP

Seraphim Lords:
Ariel, Lady of Light - ENFJ
Kaisinel, Lord of Illusion - INTP
Nezekan, Lord of Justice - ISTJ
Vaizel, Lord of Freedom - ESTP
Yustiel, Lady of Life - INFP

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@Barakiel I thought I'd try to type the characters from the Zero Escape games.

Junpei - Depends how you play him, but pretty ISFJ
June - INFP
Ace - ENTJ?
Seven - ESFJ
Snake - INTJ
Clover - ESFP
Santa - ISFP?
Lotus - ESTJ

Virtue's Last Reward:
Sigma - ISFJ
Phi - ISTP
Tenmyouji - INFJ?
He's pretty different from the Junpei in 999.

Quark - INTP?
Luna - ISFJ
Alice - ENTJ
Dio - ESTP

I don't know what i'm doing
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I will have a try at typing the "heroes" of Overwatch! Starting with the cinematic trailers.


(Aww. When I saw the first Overwatch trailer I thought it was Disney.)
This short movie is sooo Si-Fe, in a Jungian sense. ISFJ.

Widowmaker: ESTP. Operates in the thrill of the moment, seems more like a dominant perciever (Se) than a Ti dom.
Tracer: ENFP.

Genji: INFP, mostly because Ne-aux seems likely (see's potential in others).
Hanzo: ISTJ

Winston: ENFP
Lucio: ESFJ
Mercy: ESFJ
Zenyatta: INFJ
S76: Boring
Ana and Pharah: ISFP
Reinhardt: ESFJ ESTP
Mei: ENxP
Junkrat: ENTP

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Any thoughts on Hotline Miami characters? Can't really make heads or tails out of their mess myself.
And I'm really interested in Rachel Amber from Life is Strange. I know she's kinda not revealed in the actual game, but maybe-maybe.

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im going to copypaste my touhou typings from here

Reimu Hakurei: XXXX, I've seen her being typed as INFP as well as ESxJ.
Marisa Kirisame: ESTP

Cirno: ENFP
Remilia Scarlet: ENTJ
Flandre Scarlet: ENFP
Sakuya Izayoi: ISTJ
Patchouli Knowledge: INTx
Hong Meiling: ESFP

Yukari Yakumo: ENTP
Ran Yakumo: ISTJ
Chen Yakumo: INFP

Yuuka Kazami: ENTP
Alice Margatroid: INTP

Rumia: ESFP?

Satori Komeiji: ENFP
Koishi Komeiji: INFP
Aya Shameimaru: ENTP

Kaguya Houraisan: INTP
Eirin Yagokoro: INTJ
Reisen Udongein Inaba: ISFP
Keine Kamishirasawa: ENTJ
Fujiwara no Mokou: INFJ
Sanae Kochiya: ENFP

Yuyuko Saigyouji: Probably an ENFJ
Youmu Konpaku: ISTJ
Nitori Kawashiro: ISTP
Eikishiki Yamaxanadu: ESTJ
Clownpiece: ESTP

Suika Ibuki: ESFP
Yuugi Hoshiguma: ESTP
Nazrin: ESTP

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Changing Satori's type from ENFP to INFJ.

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I am also changing my vote on Kaguya from INTP to either ENTP or ESFJ. Her Fe is far too prominent to be in a low position.

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Mario: ESTP
Luigi: ISFJ
Bowser: ESTJ

IDGAF about Sonic

Sans: ANTP
Papyrus: ESFJ
Asriel: INFP

Let me add on to that:
Undyne: ESFP
Alphys: Stereotypical INxP
Grillby: ISTJ?
Burgerpants: xxTP with anxiety
Napstablook: INFP or ISFJ
Mettaton: Not sure
Toriel: Classic ISFJ
Asgore: ISFP?
Flowey: Sociopath xNFP

Never played Halo.

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Have anyone played Furi? Would someone type their characters(or at least the typable ones)?

Im curious if anyone can type 3 game characters.

Frank woods from call of duty black ops 1 and 2(been so long i dont even know where to start)

Vass from farcry 3(could be chalenging due to his insanity)

Nathan drake from uncharted.(i wanna say estp on this one but im not sure)

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It was so much time since I played BO1, but Woods seems some sort of xSTP, ISTP would say.

Vaas is a 4w3 ENFP(or ENTP but seems unlikely with a 4w3).

Nathan purely ESTP.
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