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I can't think of any on the spot, so for now I'll just critique everyone's guesses like a dork.

Link from the Legend of Zelda series.
The way Zelda games are played would suggest that Link has Te dominance, and Te/Ni/Se would make perfect sense, really. My vote goes to ENTJ.

Irenicus for Baldur's Gate 2 (good times :happy:)
I'm not sure about that. The way he speaks is more like an Ne dominant and judging by his whole purpose and backstory I think he's Feeling gone wrong—ENFP, which would allow for Te tertiary.

Edwin seems more like the textbook INTJ.

Modrin Solus from Mass Effect 2
Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII ??
Mordin struck me as more of the stereotypical INTP, though I haven't played ME2 in a while and can't think of a great factual basis for this.

Lightning I believe favors Sensing. She's too much about responsibility and is more concerned with the here-and-now. This is most clear in how she interacts with Snow, who is in many ways her functional opposite.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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