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If vids are too (fill in the blank), then please post your written odes to the XXXX!

I'll do another one...

Ode to the INTP

You, sir, are a refreshing breath of Ti air! You challenge my toddler Ti to keep up, but you don't seem to get tired of walking me through your logic as long as you think my interest is genuine. You don't hyperbolize; you say what you mean. Your Ti words are refreshing.

You, sir, are also a refreshing storm of Ne rain. The rain never seems too heavy... but it's heavy enough to render me speechless and gasping for wet air between guffaws. If you were an ENXP, I might drown. So thanks for retreating into your Ti and reasonable intervals and letting me dry out some in between Ne storms.

Thanks also for being open to exploring your Fe. It means a lot to me that you try, and what glimpses of it I see from you are lovely, like little dew drops after a (Ne?) storm. Keep hacking at me with logic, and keep being Ne-open to my feelings.

You're great.
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