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I'm curious about your thoughts on tattoos. Do you have any? Do you have regrets? Do you find them attractive or would you prefer that your significant other didn't have any? Where do you prefer/dislike? Anything that you would consider or secretly like to have? Does it really need to have some kind of deep meaning or is it enough to simply like the design?

I usually find one or two attractive though I prefer if girls aren't covered in them--Feet, ankles, wrists, hips, thighs, and buttcheek usually are the most attractive to me. Design doesn't have to be feminine, but I prefer cute over scary/grotesque and I like color.

I don't have any, and doubt I'll ever run into a design I like well enough to permanently mark myself. I'm a little afraid of what I would think when I'm 40 years older and more wrinkly. I once saw a wolf shaped like a heart that I liked and I secretly have a thing for sexy fairy tattoos. But I think that might be kinda feminine, especially as I think I would prefer hip or thigh. I'm ok with that, but future girlfriends might not, haha

So what do you all think?
I don't have any, and I've never seriously considered getting any.

I think of my skin as an organ with function and purposes, and one of them is not for me to use as an art canvas; it seems to my mind too much like junior high school students, bored, writing on their jeans or skin.

My generation? Drunken sailors got tattoos. Then later on, it was people who'd been in jail or erratic, impulsive types who put their sweethearts' names (yes, more than one) on their arm or wherever.

Later, I noticed how many used them in a "look at me" way, e.g. putting a dragonfly on the lower back to run into the bum area, then wearing low-rise jeans.

And of course, the more popular they became among the Hollywood set, the trickle-down theory came into play.

It's passive to my mind, too: Much like watching television rather than make up and write down a story or compose a song and perform it for enjoyment--ones own or others pleasure.

That said, I've known a couple tattoo artists, i.e. their main job was something like carpentry, and on the side they did graphic art, sketching--really intricate, and went on to give other people tattoos as a form of their expression.

I still prefer to leave my skin to do what it's meant to do, and one job is to filter out poisons, not collect them.
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