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This book throws me into a bit of a conflict. I liked most parts of it. The beginning and the history of wabi sabi and haikus were really well written. So were the descriptions used. The concepts were well-explained. And the book was neatly structured with Basho “speaking” to us at each beginning chapter. My favourite conversation was this:

It really spoke to me. :D This book is really awesome cos it refers to the writer as a her. Really surprising. I was jolted when I saw it.

The more I think about getting married, the more it seems like one long chore of being attached to someone. I think travelling the world is better suited for me. We’ll see I guess. I'll just continue exploring around the area in the meantime. Doesn’t make sense to know the world and not your own backyard.

What I didn’t like about the book was the part where the author sat out of ice-skating with his kids to observe and write. I get why he did that but it’s a little sad. I wonder if I'm doing the same thing by choosing not to participate as much in life. Is this okay? I feel like he missed out on some special moments by choosing that way.
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