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Waging or engaging in conflict to achieve peace/harmony and "world police" instinct?

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Waging or engaging in conflict to achieve peace/harmony and "world police" instinct?

What Enneagram types or combinations do you think would be associated with this instinct the most? Being dormant until harmony is disrupted and then waging a conflict or engaging in one against the said 'aggressor' in whatever scenario that is disrupting the said harmony until they are defeated/back down? Then peace is achieved once the source of disharmony is gone. Only doing so for that sake? Is it 1w2, 9w8 or 8w9? Been confusing so far.

A person with this instinct is the one that would respond to seeing insects or rats in their personal space which disrupted their harmony by finding and then destroying the nest. To just give a scenario or example. Exception is that I would try to minimize risk if it ever came to that as much as possible and study carefully first when in a safe place?

Scenario 2: You are the governor of a settlement or town. Your beloved town or settlement gets attacked by cannibals or a highly aggressive tribe whom cannot be reasoned with. You are heartbroken then furious or just become furious then retaliate and send out an expeditionary force to track down the approximate location of that said hostile native tribe, then have them destroy their village without stopping at anything unless it is those of whom don't show hostility among their members. Security, wanting harmony ultimately and a bit of payback all being in mind.

People who deal with disharmony and want to be in peace by removing it? Generally mild in temperament but can quickly become deadly/ruthless if their harmony is provoked.

Edit: Thoughts again? I've added further details and another example.

Just for fun:


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Not One. They are one of the frustrated types, and never really rest or accept blanket states of harmony. 9... probably under certain circumstances, when they can no longer withdraw/deny that the chaos troubles them. But I think that's generally more of a quick explosiveness thing.

I think 8s are most like what you've described. Especially 8w9.

And to a certain degree, 6s, but I think they're generally always on the lookout even when they're not acting out for security. Also, I think they are more likely to try to act out in a less aggressive way due to their damage control focus.
What about if you have to first know or feel that the group or individual(s) whom you are attacking are evil/malicious people, horrible individuals or living things before being able to disassociate them into a target?
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