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what would make you hold out on a relationship? I've seriously been waiting for the longest time ever for this ENTP to ask me out. Nothing. He gets close to me, asks me questions about my family, goes to things that I go to (only if I'm going), tells me everything that's going on in his head and his life, but then distances himself for a couple weeks. This has been consistantly happening for 6 months now. How long will I have to wait? Does this mean he likes me and is trying to get to know me better? Does he have trust in me? And what should I do in the meantime? Should I leave him alone? Keep the relationship the same? I need answers. :frustrating:

I know he likes me. I just don't know if he thinks the timing is wrong, or what.

Nvm. I have a feeling he likes me. It's not actually confirmed. I would just like the questions aboved answered. Thanks.
Asking him these questions really shouldn't alienate him at all, so don't be afraid to. Knowing that you know could be a great relief for him.

And as the two before me have mentioned, don't hesitate to act yourself.
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