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Waking up, healing, becoming true

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Hello INFJs of the interwebs,

I got emotionally abused by a covert narcissist for two years, I was codependent with her and she was my best friend. After weeks of guilt inducing I ended the relationship to her. First I was so proud and felt so liberated and full of energy.
Now I just saw how often I got used for my empathy and I recognized inner wounds that stem from childhood (maybe even trauma). I got into people pleasing behavior because I was so scared of being alone. I put up many personas just to please people and get the attention my ego so desperately craved.
Now I'm on like a mission to tell people how I truly am, if they are dissapointed by that they must leave. I have to grow boundaries and get the authentic self I am destined to be.
What I want to say is, it's a little scary to see so many things falling apart. I know there are a lot people out there my age feeling the same or that went through the same.

I am not really good at articulating my inner world but I did the best I could. Sorry if it seems a little fuzzy.

What were your experiences with that? How did you got through that? Any tips?

Edit: INFJ age 24 m (if that's imortant)
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