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Obviously, I'm new on the site and it has piqued my interest since I started browsing more about MBTI; I've seen several interesting posts and -lively- conversations going on somewhere in here for the past months (been reading up on MBTI for roughly 8 months now); so I thought joining in on the fun from a more upfront perspective somehow sounds more fun than just being a silent observer. :blushed:

I hope I get to meet -good- people here and bask in their knowledge (plus well-grounded opinions) & I'll get to expand my rather thin encyclopedia of thoughts/ ideas/ knowledge. *looking forward with embarrassing optimism*

I certainly know that my not-so-extensive knowledge of personality typing and their nuances is honed not even close to some -exceptionally acceptable- levels one may hold but I would really like to understand them better and what better way to do so than interacting with the people typed as such while learning through the theories right? hahahaha

So... after some rather exhaustive means to reach a somewhat definitive conclusion of my personality type (INTP, Enneagram Type5w4), I still think there's still so much more room for further validation if it really is as such, especially after considering how there seems to be so much deep-rooted contradiction in me -somewhere- i.e. emotional yet coldly distant, excitable yet aloof, indecisive yet assertive at times etc. blah blah (I'll talk more about my self-centered analysis some other time) :blushed:

Actually, I really just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone here... :laughing:


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