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Hey ESTP! Jetplane48 here and I just wanted to know if you guys would join our growing Personality Page on Facebook where we discuss MBTI/Socionics/Enneagram etc similar areas of psychology including disorders and abnormalities relating to personality (maybe even astrology?) and thanks for joining:)

And Yes, I do have a Youtube account discussing MBTI and similar systems. Here it is:

Hello ENFPs, I am an ESTP and I'm looking to interview you! I really want to get to know your type via this interactions. I have a a bunch of other videos up but these are they usually turn out:

The purpose of me making these videos is to show the world how all the types could work out in real life, and how they answer various topics. You can use these videos to observe facial movements and stuff like that. Add me on skype, my username is jetplane48 (or message me on PerC if you had any questions before you take the plunge) so we can get this party started and thank you guys for giving me your ears :D

(The interview doesn't have to be just us, it can be multiple people so if you prefer that, I could get more types involved)

I also do other types of videos such as follows:

Thanks again, love you PerC :)
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