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Whoever I am.
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Hey so I was going to post this on spirituality and beliefs but because I am asking personality typing stuff with Ne I posted it here.
You don't have to listen to it all ( of course) unless you actually are quite interested where I am going. Heck I didn't even know what I would be talking about! I got idea after idea visual after visual.

What do you see here? I think I am INFP... But then I read other types and see a little this and a little that I may connect with but as WHOLE I think I connect with INFP.

It was hard posting this because of my thoughts of all the negative reactions it may have but that's just the possibilities in my head being lead by the emotion of fear. Besides this was me just (maybe) Ne-ing and sharing my ideas and I ended up sharing my thoughts on darkness and light and God seeing the big picture. And how humans have light and dark in them.

And idk maybe some ISFP's will think I am using Se-Ni ( i dunno)

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