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As one who is typically out of the loop in terms of culture, I had no idea what Watchmen was until the movie trailers were being released. So, before I saw the movie, I read the graphic novel, and was hooked. Here was a dystopia future, fictional in terms of details, yet a perfectly realistic critique on what people really are and how the world is. I thought the movie did well, and ultimately the final conclusion and message was the same, despite it playing out differently. Visually very good, loved seeing some of my favorite shots of the comic be perfectly recreated. I think reading the novel helps in terms of how the characters are portrayed; you're able to fill in the gaps of character personalities with what you know, since it's tough to have a full appreciation for who these people are in the 2 and a half hours we see them on screen vs the depth we get from the novel.

My favorite character, is pretty obvious ;)

I actually didn't think Rorschach was that fascinating to be honest. Veidt, the Comedian, and Jon I thought were far more intriguing.
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