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Watchmen :d

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Hello fellow viewers.

Okay, for some reason, a thought struck to me about discussing the graphic novel, "Watchmen". According to a lot of critics, Watchmen has become such a psychological and philosophical phenomenon. I enjoy reading the comic book very much and by far is the most unique one I've ever seen. I love the characters (to be honest, I think Laurie is a bit annoying but she is the most sensible person I've seen throughout the whole book:proud:). Rorschach for the win:crazy:

I would like to see your thoughts on this book. It may seem to be pointless discussing about a comic book, but it's okay if you think that way. Read the graphic novel then and explore! :wink:

I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews and such:proud:
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Kick-Ass is funny as hell! :crazy:
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interesting analysis you got there jock. I agree; both the movie and the book were well portrayed and both captured my attention a lot.
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