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I'm very interested to find out if there is ANYONE out there who has interpreted the comic books in a similar fashion as myself.

When I finally watched the movie I saw it as an interesting character study. A study of archtypes even. A lot of interesting ideas, BUT, I found it completely missed the point of the original story.

The story, as I read it, was about transformation at the precipice.

To make it short and sweet, the global developments are a direct reflection of Dr. Manhattans own development. Even the doomsday clock is the same. Dr Manhattan was transformed into something new. He was human, and he became more.

Just as there was evidence of that transformation in the nature of mankind itself, not into a superhuman entity like Manhattan, but like him free of fear, when people were starting to stand up for one another under the threat of Armageddon, as seen in the scene on the street taking place in the comic book just before the squid appears. Seconds before "midnight".

Dr Manhattan felt fear for the last time at the strike of 12 and became something new.
Trying to safe his family from pirates the sailor murdered it. (right? fuzzy on that detail)
Trying to safe humanity Ozymandias crippled it in its development.

That is the ultimate failure of Ozymandias meddling. He never thought of the possibility that people could change.

Why would they include the story of the Psychiatrist if it ha no relevance to the overall story? I don't think a single frame of that comic book was just filler. Or merely used for transitional purposes to tie multiple stories together. I give Moore much more credit than that.

This was how I read the comic books, anyways, and it's this interpretation of mine that makes this book really great in my eyes.

Am I completely mental? :wink:

I haven't really had the chance yet to talk with many people about how they read the comic and what they thought of the movie adaption, so, if you have another perspective I'm genuinely interested in it.
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