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Just finished binge watching Season 1 of Wayward Pines on Fox (LOVED IT!) and here are my thoughts on the main characters' types:

Dr. Pilcher - INTJ
Ethan Burke - ISTP
Ben - INTP
Theresa Burke - ISFJ
Amy - ENFJ
Nurse Pam - ENFJ
Megan Fisher (teacher) - ESFJ
Kate Hewson - xNxx

Dr. Pilcher is 100% an INTJ. There's literally no discussion on this one. He foresaw a future where humankind would die out and nature would cause beings to devolve into some type of aberration. Ni. Ni. He also allowed reckonings and the murder of the rest of Wayward Pines toward the end of the season (because of the Abbys) just so his "big picture" would not be foiled. He had no regard what so ever for the human beings who were being killed off since they weren't fulfilling his vision and big picture plan. Ni Ni Ni Ni. Cannot stress this enough. Now for Te... As an auxiliary function, Te manifests as the ability to take concrete, efficient action on the user’s analysis of what the best thing to do would be. Clearly that is exactly the ability Pilcher had. He formulated a plan and EXECUTED it in a very smart, effective way. He thought of everything. Te Te Te Te. So Pilcher there is not even a question. INTJ 10000%

Ethan strikes me as an ISTP. He is an action-oriented thinker. He is highly tuned into his immediate environment, and driven to interact with it in a hands-on fashion. He lives in the moment and acts fast and improvises very well.

Ben is 100% an INTP.

Theresa is an ISFJ through and through. Very grounded and uses Fe a lot in response to Ethan and Ben especially. There's a funny moment when Ben remarks to Theresa something about how the world is so huge and he used to think he was insignificant but he wonders now if that is actually true, given that he is crucial to the survival of humanity. (Classic INTP, pondering the world and humanity's very existence). In response, Theresa says something like "Honey, are you hungry? You probably had a long day and you're probably hungry". I don't remember exactly what she said but I remember laughing out loud at the clear difference between an NP and an SJ. So yeah. Theresa=ISFJ.

Amy I think is an ENFJ because of how welcoming she is to Ben and always making sure he feels happy and content with his life in Wayward Pines. She is very kind and considerate toward everyone around her. Auxiliary Ni because she sees the big picture and has a good understanding of Wayward Pines in its entirety.

Nurse Pam I think is also an ENFJ. She cares about the citizens of Wayward Pines with all of her heart but she also sees the big picture of Wayward Pines and has a very good vision about that.

Megan Fisher I see as an ESFJ because she cares about her students a lot and wants to make sure they're comfortable (Fe) and I also see Si because she is very loyal to Dr. Pilcher and his traditions and she always pulls methods from the past.

Kate Hewson is a hard one. I know she is an N but I cannot seem to decide on the rest of the letters. I cannot decide if she is Ne or Ni which makes it very hard.

Let me know what you think and what you agree/disagree on!!!! :D
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