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I think of it more as channeling my sex drive through other activities, especially studying, observing animals (mating is interesting); training animals; doing yoga; meditating; learning and trying out so much; doing things others said I couldn't do, but I did them anyway. I taught myself to swim; play keyboards; I was involved in performance arts, also visual arts (mixed media), and more.

To me, self-discipline comes with sexual expression, and I experience more of life by channeling it as I never wanted children, and only had one, that left energy, a lot of energy for writing and publishing; teaching and so much more I wouldn't have had the energy available to do.

Sexual pleasure, like eating, lasts for minutes--for endurance fucking, maybe hours, but the other activities, and the growth that comes of it, lasts so much longer, and leads to more learning experiences.

If that's being "asexual", okie dokie. Good for me, and anyone else who channels the sexual energy into other creative outlets.
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