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Alright; I'm starting to get sick of questioning my type. So I'll see what more experienced people have to say.
Refer to my posts and mannerisms as well if that helps at all.

- I am incredibly uncomfortable expressing emotions.
- I dislike it when others get too emotional; and when other people get nosy/curious.
- I enjoy learning most things; but if I can't do anything with the knowledge I lose interest quickly.
- I value my independence strongly and hate relying on others for anything.
- I prefer working on my own, as opposed to groups.
- I don't care much for tradition.
- I hold little respect for authority unless it proves to be competent. e.g- A good teacher.
- I don't like small talk.
- I don't usually approach people.
- I get pleasure from tearing an illogical idea apart. And correcting people. :tongue:
- I hate being wrong and view it in the worst light. Although I will admit it when I am.
- I like to go into things with an idea of what to expect.
- I'm a perfectionist.
- At a party; I'm not interested in getting to know new people.
- I enjoy being alone and don't mind going days without speaking to anyone.
- I don't 'beat around the bush' when it comes to telling the truth.
- I'm not religious.
- I hate repetition. (Slightly ironic considering the way I've laid this out).
- I usually focus on the future or think about the past.
- I sometimes get lost in daydreams or in my own contemplation.
- I don't like taking lead in a group. But if no one else will do it; Then I will.
- I'm not incredibly selfish, but I'm not selfless either.
- I believe that my problems are called 'MY Problems' for a reason.
- I don't believe something because the majority does.
- I don't really care what people think of me.
- I hate superficiality.
- I enjoy finding different views to do things.
- I'm very organised with my work.
- I don't back down in an argument unless proved wrong.
- I'm very self-motivated.
- I have no problems with Maths and the Sciences in school. They're my favourite subjects.
- I tend to miss out small details in things.
- I value my privacy greatly.
- I know when I've done a good job. I don't need affirmation from anyone but myself.
- Criticism about my competence can get to me. I'm very good at hiding it though.
- I'm constantly looking over my work to detect mistakes.
- I'm very confident in an area if I have shown myself to be competent in it.
- I'm not easily overwhelmed.
- Patience is a virtue that I can't usually afford.
- I find symbolism quite interesting.
- I prefer Non-Fiction to Fiction books.
- When I read something I tend to visualise what I think it would look like.
- I enjoy debating unless it is going nowhere.
- I'm very sarcastic.
- I'm not very spontaneous.
- I strive for excellence in everything I do.
- My thinking is more Abstract than Concrete.

Well done if you read all of that.

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Looks like you pulled an INTJ description off some site and posted it here.

At least, sounds pretty INTJ to me.

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I'd say INTJ. You used to have yourself down as a ISTJ but my dad who was a ISTJ was not like what you have described.

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INTJ seems a rather good fit overall. I wouldn't even question J.
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