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I waxed and waned in terms of being quiet or outspoken from kindergarten on through junior high, then said almost nothing in high school, back to outspoken in college.

I got picked on for being skinny; for being "bold"; for being "stone-faced"; later, however, when I met up with former class or schoolmates they all said they had thought of me as bold; as smart; as someone who kept to myself and didn't bother anyone. Also, that what I ended up doing for a living was no surprise to them.

Well, it surprised me--these compliments after the insults through the school years.

Being picked on, ironically, for me happened more frequently by family members: For being shy; for not enjoying television; for the bookworm part; for being introverted, and much more.

In my day, being picked on was a part of life; an unfortunate part, but accepted the way one accepts the inevitable. It hurts, but a lot in life did, and does... We, as a class; as a people at that time, didn't view bullying the same as it is viewed now.

We all learned from the experiences--to treat others the same, or to treat others better than we were treated.

I learned to treat others better.

I have nothing to do with blood relatives, now. They pick on each other; they never outgrew it.

And seriously? They consider it as normal now as they did during our childhood years.

Let 'em have at each other; I'm glad to be shut of them.
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