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So, I was looking at the description of the four preferences from the

Here's their short description for the S/N differences.

We are Sensing when we:

Taste food
Notice a stoplight has changed
Memorize a speech
Follow steps in a plan
We are Intuitive when we:

Come up with a new way of doing things
Think about future implications for a current action
Perceive underlying meaning in what people say or do
See the big picture

I usually test as an INTJ, and until I read what I just pasted above, I thought, I have to be an S because of how literal and factual I am. But, after it lists those examples, it says: "Within the context of personality typing, the important distinction is which method of gathering information do we trust the most? Do we rely on our five senses and want concrete, practical data to work with? Or do we trust our intuitions without necessarily building upon a solid foundation of facts?"

Which method of gathering information... Not necessarily how I project myself, but how I let things be projected onto me.

Which makes me think, hmm, I guess I am an N. One of my sisters, and my father, are very "S". I've always noticed that they are MUCH MORE in touch with the environment than I am, and much more in touch with their bodies (not sure if that's an S thing) than I am. However, I am much more in tune with my surroundings than my other sister, who is very "N". Perhaps I actually am an N, just not completely N?....if this makes any sense.

I hope through thinking about this "out loud" I've not only helped myself, but others "reason" through what type they are and better come to understand themselves. Unless everyone here is a guru about this type of stuff. :/

Thank you.

PS - They speak English in What ? :laughing:
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