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Hi, all! I came across these forums on a quest to resolve my personality type confusion. I figure it's not too important what the label is, but it drives me crazy that I can't decide on which slot I belong in, so help please? :)

My MBTI history: I first took this test a while back.. I don't remember how far back exactly, but I remember I was ENFJ. When I read up on it, I was more or less pleased, especially because teaching is one of the fields that I'm considering. But recently, a friend of mine who's spent quite a bit of time reading up on this test said I'd be a good INTJ, so I decided to take it again, and I got INTJ. In reading the forums though (like the Pet Peeves thread in the INTJ section and the "You know you're ENFJ when..." thread), I don't think I line up with INTJ at all, but I think the ENFJ stuff is more like a past projection of who I am now.

Also, in my life I think I've always be an 'I'. In recent years only would I have categorized myself as an 'E', so I don't think a shift back to 'I' is so astonishing. And with the test I recently used (first site on a Google search), I had the lowest numbers for 'T', which means that 'F' is very close for me, right?

So the big question here is: how fluid is personality? And is it possible to be one personality with one group of people and another with another? (I think I might be ENTJ with people I don't know so well, and INTJ with those that I do; but now I have to psyche myself up for meeting new people... Normal? Ugh. Mess.)

Thanks!:D Let me know what y'all think.
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