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out of the two i probably trust Te more, but Fi is so much more inherent in my nature that my judgements are often even between the two.
Everything you said really hit home, but this statement was most pertinent.

Fi is so inherent. It's second nature (literally :crazy:). Ne perceives something and Fi reacts. Te now keeps everything in check (but it never used to be that way). It makes sure that my decisions have an actual real world application. Sure, it can almost flawlessly back up a rather bad decision made by the Ne/Fi combo, but usually it doesn't. Usually it just helps me to make the objectively best decision.

I also feel like it helps my Ne to look at all angles of something because it kind of detaches me from the situation. This helps me not to be overly sensitive.

However, even though I do "trust" my Te more than Fi, it is my tertiary function. This means, I can't pretend that I'm great at using it. Sometimes I get too detached and rely on it too much and I end up doing something/saying something that really chafes my Fi. When this happens, there's no way I can avoid the emotional implications. They can really blind-side me. :crying:
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