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What are INFPs like in high school?

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Curious. I'm trying to see if I might know any..

I'm attracted to INFP guys like a magnet, haha.
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If this were really true you wouldnt need anyone to tell you would you?
I'm attracted to INFP guys like a magnet, haha.
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There are INFP guys? I'd say go check the art that a stereotype?
I was shy and work oriented in high school. I spent most of my time in my own world and in my own imagination.

There are INFP guys? I'd say go check the art that a stereotype?
I loved theater, history and I loved English discussions. Those were probably the subjects I liked the best. I also spent my lunch period in the library too because I would get lost in stories and other characters lives. I sort of lived threw them because I found my reality/classes too boring.

I would say a lot of INFP's go unnoticed a lot of the time because they can sort of seem in a daze or overly occupied with themselves and their wants. I met my best friend (ISTJ) while singing a theme song of a cartoon I was into and she brought me back to the present and from that point on we just did tons of stuff together.
Not a guy, but I can add. I was a rocker in high school. Wore band shirts and jeans, dyed my hair, played in local rock bands. Went through phases though. I had a punk phase, a grunge phase and I had a 1950's phase where I wore saddle shoes and old lady sweaters. As for school subjects, I loved English the most, also creative writing. I was the editor of the editorial page of the school newspaper. I liked taking theater classes too. I was good at foreign languages, not so good at math.

I didn't have any enemies or try to cause trouble. I was nice to anyone who was nice to me, even though I might have appeared tougher than I actually was. My friends were mostly guys. That's about it on how you'd be able to spot me. Imagine a group of counter-culture kids sitting there talking about music and debating some absurd concept that makes no sense, some are smoking, other are drinking coffee, and imagine the girl sitting there grinning at everyone and sometimes just looking around, not paying attention. That was me.
It's hard to set down some blanket rule as to how INFPs are because, as this forum has shown me, there are huge differences in INFPs depending on their life experience and interests.

It really is that hard. Most INFPs are sticklers for authenticity, and will often seem like they're saying a lot less than they think. They will generally be people that fade into the background easily, but can still sometimes flick a switch and get quite random but often sartorial and humourous as well. Sometimes, they don't gel with school at all; conversely, some are very academically gifted. They will all have strong values, but often won't show it directly.

One thing I can say is that they are rarely arrogant (by arrogant I mean the etrocentricism of the typical teenager who thinks they're amazing)
I was a Planet unto myself. Writer for some creative magazine that I can't even remember. Worked on yearbook. Never ever ate lunch in the cafeteria. Had a few friends. When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think @ all.
As for myself, I was silent more than I talked.

I alternated between daydreaming in class and paying close attention to the teacher in class. I usually tried to find an isolated low-to-no traffic area so I could be alone. I wore headphones whenever I could, and listened whenever too.

I tried a few classes, art, drama, and foods. So try looking for the reserved person in the arts classes who is either listening to music, reading, or drawing.
I'm currently at high school and that would be pretty much how I am... alternating daydreaming and playing close attention to the teacher... that's so true xD I used to day dream while doing important exams... not a good idea. Time passed really fast. But when doing long exams it was really relieving.

Well, outside class I'm usually there talking to two friends, both INTP I'd say. I don't know any other INFP in real life besides my philosophy teacher (he looks like it!)
As for myself, I was silent more than I talked.

I alternated between daydreaming in class and paying close attention to the teacher in class. I usually tried to find an isolated low-to-no traffic area so I could be alone. I wore headphones whenever I could, and listened whenever too.
I was very quiet around strangers, and in classrooms in general. Among friends, though, I can be entertaining. I am always in my own little world. I was friends with the punks/rockers and I dressed in skinny jeans, chains, dyed hair, and tight black shirts. That sort of thing.
I'm still in high school.. Still trying to find myself. I used to be quiet, kinda hyper, and just generally 'good'. I do pretty well at school actually, and in exams I always connect to the cosmos and it answers it for me! I would have no clue of the answer with my brain alone! xD

Opening more to the wider world and I'm rebelling against everything (not punk rebel, just giving my strange point of view wherever I can) and talking about philosophy/ideas that sort of thing... And I find myself daydreaming alll the time! It's gotten even worse after meeting this guy.. eurgh get out of my head!

But yeah I do like learning, I just don't like the rules of regimented school - everything's about exams! Can't we just chill under a tree and talk about religion/philosophy every once in a while?

And to answer your question.. I'm not a guy, but I find girl INFP's are quite similar to guy INFP's.. in high school at least. You'd probably find me sleep walking around, in some deep conversation with someone or yeah.. in the art room! xD
Loner, never talked except to argue when I felt it was justified.
Was very oblivious and lost in my own world most of the time.
Preferred spending lunch sleeping in the library instead of with obnoxious people playing social games that I didn't understand.
I wore makeup, but I dressed like a hobo and always had my hair in a sloppy half-bun thing.

Relatively smart and hardworking, yet I dropped out my Junior year.
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Everybody has pretty much said it. Quiet, to yourself, spends lunch in the library(me 100%), only has a few close friends(though a guy INFP might actually travel in a herd of friendly extraverts...typically nerdy extraverts XD or at least that's something I've noticed ;) ) Anyway, yeah, just find the Artsy quiet guy or even the techy computer oriented guy...or you know, even the purple haired goth guy who has a friendly smile and kind eyes. You'll find him...or not, cause honestly they can be hard to find, but there were like 2 or 3 in my school and I had a semi-crush on all of them at one point or another XD (crushes that still remain undiscovered to this very day muahahahahaha ;) )
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I went through a badboy punk phase in highschool. I broke rules, skipped class, got into fights, experimented with drugs and alcohol and generally didn't give a fuck about anything. Surprisingly most of the popular kids respected that I had the balls to be who I was not care what anyone thought about it. I never got good grades because I never eally applied myself, except for English, Psychology(duhhh), sociology, and History. MyEnglish teacher even nominated me for "Best creative writer" which I won.

I was also involved in drama club and jazz band. I played guitar in the talent shows, and I won "most musically talented" in my highschool yearbook.

Highschool was about having the courage to be myself and not making any bones about it.

Hope that helped.
I've experienced both sides of the coin.

I actually had a decent social life in high school. People wouldn't have considered me stereotypically popular but I had multiple groups of friends. I was asked to prom every year by seniors, even as a freshman. I was a tennis jock, and had a crew of support from my team. Then I became more of your typical introvert after falling out with a major clique at school. Still, in both situations, I always felt that the interactions in high school were somewhat lacking. I didn't really care about the superficial fluff. I didn't feel like anyone truly knew me. And despite my outward friendliness, I remember feeling incredibly angsty all the time.

It's funny, I don't even talk to the people I hung out with in high school now. And I've become close to those that I barely spoke to then.
It just goes to show you how random friendships can be, and how pointless high school is, ultimately.
You couldn't miss me, on account of me getting a round of applause when I showed up.
When I was there, I hung out with the popular kids, was outspoken, misbehaved and was constantly thinking up new ideas to get out of class or explain why I hadn't got my work.
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In high school I was very "individualistic". At first I was very emo/scene. In retrospect, I looked fairly ridiculous.. One could say I had a mullet! I was very social for a few months, I had a decent amount of friends. But I very quickly narrowed my friends down to just 2 girls who I kept by my side for the rest of high school. I had a few acquaintances, but I wouldn't talk to them unless they talked to me first.

When I was around my two real friends I would be very loud and obnoxious. I didn't care about what other people thought of me (except for the people close to me), so I think a lot of people disliked me because I was so care-free and loud. When I was alone, in classes without my two friends, I would be very quiet and wouldn't talk to anyone.

Since I was always exceptionally smart compared to my peers, I always was the person to raise her hand in class. I felt bad for the teachers when no one would try to answer, so I got used to answering all the questions. My feelings would really get hurt in some classes where the teachers would intentionally not pick me to answer, trying to let other students have a chance at answering.

I feel kind of bad for my friends now, because every few weeks I would have a "break down" and brood over all the bad things about myself. During these times, I wouldn't talk to anyone at all and I would just sit by myself and think. My friends were both fairly shy, so they would just sit beside me in silence. I feel really bad about this in retrospect, because it probably made them very uncomfortable. They both think I'm bipolar, I don't though.

I also went through a phase where I was smoking lots of weed and I started wearing the same clothes to school that I slept in. I stopped brushing my hair and developed dreadlocks and I NEVER wore makeup(at all throughout highschool). Apparently, lots of people talked behind my back and called me weird.
Kept to myself alot mostly because i did not care for most of the things my peers were talking about or doing. I actually was seen as "cool" because i was doing my own thing, but i never saw it like that i mostly just felt alienated. My school was, to put it nicely not the best... So most of my classes were filled with kids that did not want to be there, and so all the teacher did the entire time was scold my classmates as if they were 12 yr olds. I felt very defensive of everyone, and distant, and very much alone, I did get a little attention from girls mostly curiousity I suppose but truth be told it always freaked me out. Me and my gf just sorta "found" each other its one of those connections were neither part knew exactly how it came to be but it just did. Though i'll admit she put some effort in to be noticed because i was so oblivious to everyone XD Im glad to say alot about me has changed in these two years since school im not at all like i was back then. Im far more assertive and sure of myself I feel.. Brave ready to face life head on, im curious to see how i turn out later in life.. anyways thats about me in a nutshell in highschool
Oh, I ought to mention something - all INFPs are deep. This makes us stand out from the pack at school, where many people are pretty shallow - INFPs are deeper than a chasm once they open up.
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