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What are my mother & her ex husband's types?

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I'll give you a little background with their history. They met in the mid 80s, married in the late 80s & divorced about 2 or 3 yrs ago. Now they're back together but as close friends. Anway, for the most part they get on. And they wind each other up as well. Mum has only taken an online test twice; INFP then INFJ. Ex Hubby has been ISTJ, ISFP & INTJ with 3 different tests. They're both in their early 60s so according to MBTI theory their 3rd functions should be developed. They work in the pub/accommodation trade (mum is the licensee) so they both have to deal with people a lot. Both of them would rather be doing something else & hope to make enough money to retire properly. They both have goes about other people to each other or to me but aren't very good about having a go at the very person they're having a go about! She often thinks he's in one of his moods when he's not & at these times she goes quiet on him. So he asks me why mum is in a bad mood! Both of them like to talk about people to each other & me & often criticise them. Mum holds grudges but he isnt so bad. Both of them do try to fathom out why people are the way they are. Except for those who wear lots of piercings and/or tattoos; then it's just a blind "He/she is an arsehole". Apologies to those with piercings and/or tattoos. Although when i tried to explain to them both that what people did to their bodies was their business & doesnt mean they are stupid he was the one who was more "Well i suppose you are right if you put it that way but i still don't understand why people would do that to themselves". If you ask either of them a simple question they'll give you a long winded answer. Especially ex hubby. Humour-wise i get on better with him. He once told a lady of a certain age that her roots needed doing; she didnt find this amusing & neither did my mum. When we are out & there are young children he will say something to them to tease them. Mum & i have tried telling him not to but he doesnt listen. He is very affectionate to those he cares about & often gives me hugs (after the 3rd time he actually asked me if i minded!) & he did come from a fairly "huggy" family. Our family is not so huggy. Mum is the most affectionate & i think she's hugged me about 3 times that i can recall. He is very intelligent & very good at making things, DIY etc. He is very methodical & makes little drawings before he starts something. He doesnt always finish what he starts but when he does he likes it to be perfect. He can get bored quickly. He doesnt follow instructions preferring to figure whatever it is out for himself. He will use whatever is available rather than go searching for the "proper" tool to fix something. He does not have a business head. Mum often thinks of clever things to answer back with after an argument. She often finds it hard to express in words what she is actually thinking. She can be very nitpicky especially when stressed. She is more likely to negatively criticise than to praise but at least you know when she does compliment you it's genuine. She is not terribly tidy but i think you would call it disorganised organised. She can (usually) find what she is looking for. Both love sci-fi programmes & movies. She is a fan of Westerns. He enjoys the more scientific things on Discovery etc like me but mum thinks that is all very boring. I would say on the whole it's easier to reason with him than it is with my own mother. For the most part i dont even bother arguing with her. God this is hard trying to think of stuff to say to figure out people you are close to's types :confused:
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I'm thinking mum is an INFJ and ex-husband is ISTP.
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