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What are signs that an INFP likes you?

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I am in the process of breaking up my sour relationship with an ISTP. It turned unhealthy.

There is this guy (Who I thought was an ENFP, but he only acted extroverted around me.) who is an INFP and admitted he likes me. (loves me). As a friend, I asked him how could I break up with my bf without hurting him. He gave me truly friendly advice. Hours later he asked me out. I said yes, but it would be best to keep things in the quiet for a while (Breaking up with the ISTP on Monday.) and we agreed to this so my parents don't think I'm one of those girls that just hops from guy to guy. (It is rare that I like someone enough to have a relationship. Once a year or less.)

What are some signs an INFP likes you? I already know this one does, but this might be helpful to other people who are not INFP's, and are interested in one or have one interested in them.
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*they do thoughtful things for you.
*They want to spend time alone with you -- big one because we don't like to share our time with just anyone (at all).
*They get annoyed when other people interrupt your alone time.
*They tell you they like certain things about you rather often. (specific things).
*They write or call you or go out of their way to talk to you.
*They are a little shy around you sometimes.
*They listen carefully to what you say and remember specific things.
*They laugh at your jokes ('cause they genuinely think you're funny).
*They're excited to see you (big one because it's hard to get us excited about anything).
*They talk a lot more and try to entertain you with what they consider interesting stories.
*They tell you things about themselves that are private.
*They confide in you and trust you.
*They blush.
*They stare at you/into your eyes (to try and gauge what you're thinking).
*They try to hide their flaws or don't do things around you that they know you don't like.
I'll probably ignore you at first and then start acting like an idiot.
When I find someone really attractive, I become extra timid and tongue-tied, eye contact becomes difficult (when normally it is not a big deal), and I run away ASAP. If I manage to get past this stage with someone, or it's more of a situation where a friendship is becoming romantic in nature, then I make time for that person, set aside my energy for them, share semi personal info with them, show interest in their life, may talk more than usual, etc (Amanda's list is good). I suppose that's the more typical way to show interest. I never get to this point unless I pick up clearly that the interest is returned & it's a no pressure setting where I can relax a bit. This may also be confusing, because I like someone platonically, then I may behave similarly..... I'm not sure how to differentiate the two. I admit I am bad at these signals are confusing.
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