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So I've never seen types grouped by having all the same functions but I'm not sure why not. in honesty i haven't put very much thought to it for lack of a broad spectrum of people in each type to observe. I recognize fully that this groups types together with their opposites, but I feel like there has to be something that can be said to unify these types under a label if they introvert and extrovert the same way/have all the same functions.

the groupings by the way would be as follows:
  • ENFP;INFP;ISTJ;ESTJ all have Ne Te Si Fi
  • ENTJ;INTJ;ISFP;ESFP all have Se Te Ni Fi
  • ENTP;INTP;ISFJ;ESFJ all have Ne Fe Si Ti
  • ENFJ;INFJ;ISTP;ESTP all have Se Fe Ni Ti
(I tried to list the functions without bias)

Let's talk about what these groups have in common and name them.
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