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what are typical Ti Ne soiltary hobbies versus Fi Ne?

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What I like to do when alone -- read, web surf, analyze, write, daydream and brainstorm. Also, to really relax, put on a favorite album and not think about much of anything, just enjoy the music. Also like to do brain-building games, word puzzles, etc.
So, I don't know if that is Ti or Fi dom, that is why I am asking. Probably both types do the same things I guess.

On a related note - I just ordered Lenore Thompson's book on the types, mostly to get clarification on Fi versus Ti and also just to see better examples of how the functions work.
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It's probably less that we do different things than that we do things differently.

My favorite solitary experiences (Fi/Ne here):
- sitting at a nice place daydream (and thus more or less unaware of my surroundings)
- lying on my bed just letting thoughts drop by, ponder them briefly and let them go
- dreaming of my future and things that I hope to come to pass
- spending hours in coffee shops (solitary but having people around you, haha)
- reading
- lying on grass thinking things through
- watching the sky, clouds
- surfing the internet (a little for entertainment, much more to research things I'm interested in)
- watching people, really enjoying and inspiring to see happy couples
- taking walks

Some thoughts on how I do it:

Obviously much of my solitary "activity" is not being outwardly active at all. It's more like pausing my body to get my mind working (a lot of sitting and lying here I think, haha). I like taking walks but I sometimes feel like I get a bit too distracted by my environment and can't think as clearly as when I'm sitting somewhere.

Much of my daydreaming has either to do with things that are really important to me now or with the future. I barely think about the present but every once in a while, especially when feeling a bit melancholic and sentimental, I will revisit and relive past experiences, memories that mean a lot to me (tertiary Si). But I'm thinking about the future the most, of which I also have a very clear idea and defined expectations. I know what I want and where I wanna get and so I often picture those situations (kind of claiming the new land internally).

Apart from that most of my thoughts are random. I often find my mind wandering and it's hard for me to maintain the same headline for a longer period (I assume Ti-types have a more linear thought pattern?). When lying on my bed there will be thoughts, ideas and concepts popping up randomly, quite unrelated. And if it's something important I better write it down immediately, or few minutes later it will all be gone forever (unless this impression decides to visit me again, which it usually doesn't).

I tend to be very selective in what I think, daydream, read about. I strongly avoid stuff that provokes me in a negative way or that challenges my values. Instead I read things that support, foster and improve my understanding and appreciation of that which is important to me. And I select material that inspires me to go to greater lengths in seeing those things become reality. I also spend a lot of time "researching" things that interest me. If I get into something I can kind of turn into a freak over night ("over night" can have quite literal meaning).

As love & romance is very important to me (one of my biggest values) it will play a major part in all of the activities mentioned above and is probably the main reason why seeing couples is so inspiring to me. I also like to feel strong emotions, and at times I might even be willing to entertain melancholic and sad thoughts just to get this desired sensation. Strong emotions kinda make me feel alive. Sounds weird but I like it! :laughing:

Hope that covers some points that convey some insight.
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THanks -- and yes, that covers a lot of the same things I do.
I know you didn't ask me (Ni+Te/Fi) but it looked like a fun conversation and I certainly do a buttload of solitary activity.

-Listening to Ni music (instrumental, chillout electronica, ambient/soundscapes etc.) and thinking
-Writing essays, blogs, forum posts
-Reading about topics of interest
-Developing my understanding of ideas I'm interested in
-Applying those ideas theoretically, thinking about how they apply practically
-Getting into meaningful discussions/debates online about topics of interest
-Processing feelings, considering personal values, thinking of how my personal values apply philosophically in a universal way
-Analyzing, categorizing, defining, thinking, obsessing, fixating, raking data through my Ni mind again and again until I come up with new insights on a problem I'm trying to solve
-Taking walks

I think listening to Ni music is my favorite thing. It's great finding music that really matches your mental environment and letting your mind create images and scenery to go along with it, to say nothing of whatever insight it may inspire.
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I am thinking all of us Introverts who are more "N" than "S" have very similar interests and pursuits for our alone time.

I also understand more about how many of us routinely tap into other functions besides our dominant.

This is my stacking today:
Ne 42- Fi 40.7- Ti 35.8- Ni 31.5- Te 27.5- Si 22.2 - Se21.5 - Fe 19.2

I know I shift gears when I am in my own head between Fi, Ti, and Ni. The Fi and Ti argue, then sometimes I try to look at everything in my head and see things I may have missed before, combine things differently, etc.(Ni).

(Sometimes I just need to shut the brain down, go out, and get my favorite Rita's water ice specialty and just observe everything while making zero judgments or conclusions, and even participate in banal chit chat with neighbors, which is exactly where I am heading right now - it's a hot summer day and I have been reading and overthinking things in my bedroom all day -- not good!)
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@VioletIris Psychological Types - Wikisocion

Ne can cloud understanding because of the what ifs, possibilities, etc., but if you can take it as it is, it's quite easy to differentiate the two. Avoid thinking that one or the other would mean that one would do something. There are certain manifestations of behavior that can in part be traced back to a function, but the function is by no means what determines behavior. Each one is just one lens in a very complex viewfinder of who you are. To understand which functions you use requires that you understand yourself intimately more than it requires that you understand the system intimately. I have talked to many people who have more success typing themselves in the former way than the latter way, myself included.
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I'm not sure if this is only due to Fi/Te, but I feel a strong need to pursue solitary activities that make an effect on the world.

So, I often question how my solitary activities will affect--or if I can get them to affect the world the way I want to affect it. I see this a little as Fi Te because Fi pushes me to consider the ethical importance, and Te to usefully affect systems. But this is a constant source of conflict between what I want, and what I think I should want/do (could also be related to enneagram), and I often feel as if I am not doing enough or engaging in the big picture enough.

My interests are broad (I think stereotypically Ne)--I have a ton of art supplies from various endeavors. I also have a lot of interests and I enjoy researching things that "strike my fancy" at the moment. I am also fascinated by the natural world and enjoy observing animals, plants, fungi, rocks--their behavior, their forms, their evolutionary and geological history.
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