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Noticing I gotta pee; Hershey's nuggets: My husband had some, so I got my chocolate after all. And I'm feeling less over-all pain so the evening medications, which I took early, are kicking in.

And thinking my husband is the most supportive, loving man I've ever known. He hadn't read it in years--nor heard me read--the short story, Jean on a recording, so I sent it to him; he sent back a message, "Jesus, write!"

I'm planning to, but Meditation Practice is the foundation for everything, including whatever writing I do and publish in the future. So I'm grateful I handled today's change well: I pulled everything meditation-related (my husband got most of the range-of-motion stuff) out of The Yoga Room so he can spray for fleas, and I meditated in the living room:

Cold, having to constantly (so it seemed) bring myself back to the breath because the room is wide open, and I could hear neighbors, and it's not my meditation area.

Well, it is for now, and weeks to come. Who knows, maybe I'll keep it up in there, all of it together, easily accessible, and turn the Yoga Room into what it was intended to be: My office.
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