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Twitchy... I got up too late (stayed up too late last night); then took my afternoon medication late, and just now had to make my own supper because my husband is at his church doing whatever... and I can't be trusted with the stove. So I ate a spoonful of sauerkraut, then got some almond/soy milk blend and brought it plus four Hershey's nuggets into the bedroom where Pickles is still napping on the bed, and ate the nuggets, drank the milk after taking my evening medication.

I was wrong about the handyman coming yesterday to replace the shower wrap-around; he is coming tomorrow to do it, so I underneath i think some of this nervousness and inability to focus much on regular to do things is worry; I don't like strangers in the house but I especially do not like men here I don't know. And he may be here for two days for all I know, plus he's gonna use toxic shit--who doesn't anymore. (Rhetorical question.)

And I want Baby Girl #1 Russian Blue Agouti Berkshire rat, though really she is a "slate" but I won't get into how breeders make up names to promote their lines. And I am wary, skeptical, cynical? that she will try to keep Girl #1 for herself; she would very likely make a good mom for a litter in terms of sturdiness and looks, but I am not choosing her for that:

I like her; gut response: Something more than looks; I can do that--I did it with a white cat, chose her from a photo, then when I saw her in person, even though she was freaking out in the enclosure, I knew she was mine--I already had her named.

There's more, of course, like my ongoing health problems including gastro-paresis...

Too much at once; isolated; no money, blehblehbleh.

I'm lonely for company, one-on-one, a smart, lovely girl talk.

Oh, one good thing -- not that there are not more -- is an INFJ friend from the previous forum is sending me tea. He works in a tea house, asked me what kind I liked--in an email weeks ago, but I was too ill to answer, and when I wrote and he didn't answer--when I felt better, I thought he might have done the INFJ "door slam" though he didn't seem the type.

Nope, he wrote this morning and said he got a "creamy tea" for me in the mail, and if I need instructions, let him know.

Oh, boy, do I need special equipment for what he's sending?

I am in a worry wart frame of mind today!!!
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