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If you were nearby, I'd have my husband get you and I'd make you tea, give you a soft hug, and we'd be stupid together: It makes the sad let up for a bit.

My own how do I feel: Amused at Pickles. She was out almost all day like we did in the old house, only I left her cage door open so when she took a nap and I couldn't find her, I went out of the bedroom, got some melon, came back, and she poked her head out of her Hide-E-Ho as I call it (Dollar Store plastic planter I cut a door in with a box cutter then covered the edges thoroughly with white gaffer tape).

All day she's been jumping in and out of her cage--took a nap for hours in there, and then coming out to play. A few minutes ago she was running back and forth from the head to the foot of the bed to the left of me as though on a running track, doing laps.

"Dad" had to rescue her from the top of her cage. She was looking for the homemade food I put together for her every night--it's time, and she knows it is usually up there when I clean the cage, but this time, nope... and she couldn't get down: Getting older, fatter, slower... but still our "Heart Rat."
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