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Cocaine Cowgirl.

An underated Canadian classic. I remember that this was on the radio everytime I went to work.
When I first heard this song, I had problems with a girl. We never entered a relationship, but I ended up pushing her away. She was extroverted, impulsive and had self-destructive tendencies, while I was a lot more quiet, reserved and contemplative. We were extremely different, but we played off each other pretty well (and she was the only person I managed to open up to).
But while I felt I made the right decision, I still felt like garbage afterwards.

I'm not one to really relate my feelings to music, which is why I found this song so suprising. It has a more "somber" ambience to it that resonated with me. It hits a certain state of emotion not many other songs do. In large part, this song helped me recognize my feelings, and helped me say goodbye to the possibility of that relationship.

In general, this song is really good. If anyone else enjoys it, I would recommend that album in general.
15321 - 15332 of 15332 Posts