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Ava, my preferred rat is expecting to deliver... well, her breeder is expecting the babies any time now; I am so excited. We may get her two daughters instead of having to wait for her daughter to have a litter. Ava is a gorgeous, soft top-eared bred to a sweet variegated dumbo. Litter should have mostly black and some agoutis.

The breeder said she is keeping her fingers crossed that we can have two of the baby girls. Even if we cannot--and I will be disappointed--I want Ava to be well and happy with healthy babies.

The breeder is very careful with who is paired and this will be Ava's second, and last litter.

I already am preparing myself for possible disappointment; for instance, no one can tell how many girls, how many boys as often there is an equal split, but sometimes there are, say, eight girls and four boys or the opposite--and I must have girls for Pickles' sake and our own preference.

We can't give the pet store any more business--not even to attempt another "snake food" rescue as the last one I rescued had mange mites. Let's just say that can't happen again--it is contagious as hell, so working with a conscientious, committed, knowledgeable breeder--and I've waited for 18 months to find one in our area--is the way I'll go from now on; I'll work with this one in particular as long as she has the commitment to keep this up.

Rats are so demonized and so smart, affectionate, funny, wonderful!

I am a bit euphoric, but I did take my medication an hour ago. (&#8857;.&#8857;(&#9737;&#771;&#8338;&#9737;)&#8857;.&#8857;) <---------------- Pretend the middle one is Pickles and the other two, smaller ones are the baby girls who will be a tad nervous when they get here in five weeks or so... or not: And then it's looking like July.

Good-natured and healthy mom with healthy girls--and a trustworthy breeder: I'll wait if I have to...
This is Pickles:

Black Rat Skin Black-and-white Muridae
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