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On and off I think of Ava and her babies.

I reread the email from the breeder; she said that "I counted at least seven but I had to go somewhere so I'll check later for more."

Seven is a small litter, and I was surprised; having reread it who knows how many she ended up having, and how many will be girls, but the odds are probably increasing in our favor to get two from her instead of having to wait for her daughter to be bred.

(It's not uncommon for 18-21 "pups" as I say; "kittens" as some in the U.K. call them.)

Ava is my idea of perfect; the breeder agrees, so we shall see... and if she gives me the go ahead, my husband and I have to start getting supplies in order--including the ones I made for Maddie and Pickles (costs a lot less, lasts longer, and it's satisfying to make, say, the potty boxes to my specs according to where they'll fit in the Double Critter Nation, and how large to be roomy enough, especially as being competitive, at least two (b)rats will go inside at one time, play follow the leader.

I'll be relieved when I know one way or the other. Next week, she can sex them accurately; she said she'd let me know definitively then whether it's Ava's babes or her daughter's I will have to wait for.
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