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Thinking about a friend of mine named Shane.

He feels about his art the way I feel about my own; the way many of us do who sculpt; paint; sing; dance; write; play various musical instruments:

What we express is never as good as what we envision.

On the one hand, that's a shame--that we can't be satisfied, say, "It's good enough."

On the other hand, if we ever got to that point of complete satiation with every piece of art, every vocal or instrument chord and so on, we wouldn't be what used to be called "hungry," anymore; what would compel some of us to keep digging deeper.


For many of us it's that "not quite good enough" that makes us make one more piece, hit one more note; write one more poem...

And along the way, we do enjoy much of it or we wouldn't stay the course.

Paradoxes abound in all of life; this kind is for artists, that's all.
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