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"Place no head above your own," allegedly said by the man considered to be the first Buddha (by those who believe in more than one), or Siddhartha Gotama to those of us who know he didn't found Buddhism.

Look within, or "Come see for yourself."

It's experiential, and not the kind most of us want to do, and so most of us don't.

I couldn't find the "right" school of Buddhism, or any other wisdom school, philosophical or religious; and "spiritual" is a meaningless term.

Then I discovered Vipassana meditation, or rather, pulled it out, or it came to me up out of the welter of other presentations.

Look at whatever comes up, no matter how unattractive, and learn to see it for what it is--a kind of mental mirage with an oasis so close yet buried under the sub-conscious, not just conscious beliefs, thoughts, images, desires, and all other mental formations.

It isn't something to talk much about. It's something to be done.

And so I'll go back to that, only talking about it in context to those open to our experience, not to their own or my own, "ours."
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