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A lot of people view, use, appreciate MBTI--whether they're conscious of it or not--on par with phrenology, e.g. people who have big eyes are "Fi" when Fi has nothing to do with the shape or size of a person's eyes. No wonder Annie Murphy Paul covered astrology, phrenology, Big Five and MBTI in her book, Cult of Personality Typing. (She did not include enneagram.)

So I asked myself a bit ago, "Why do you take part in threads geared toward this surface, simplistic, even primitive way of viewing, using MBTI? And I answered immediately, honestly--not as though I haven't given it a lot of thought, "Well, I work hard, need a break between tasks, am not up to meatier threads so I go 'play' and yet I want intelligent, deep-thinking playmates who have studied functions and bring that knowledge with them to various threads. And I spend almost all my time alone, in 'real life' so online exchanges carry more weight than they otherwise would..."

Well, that's all true and interesting, but the fact is phrenology's appeal and MBTI's appeal share similarities, and no wishful thinking will change that.

The photo I put in my album a bit ago--me with my son and a nephew--was taken at my parent's house back when I was in my early 20s. My nephew's mother had shortly before beaten her son for throwing a glass baby bottle (dead accurate aim) at my son.

In the photo my son is squinting at the camera, and I have one hand wrapped protectively around my nephew; my son is leaning against me, and I can tell his head hurts.

"If looks could kill" the person taking that photo would have been dead.

Who took it, and whose idea was it to take it, chipper voice directing the show?

Mom was the director; the nephew's mother took the photo.

It took so much restraint through the years for me to not do what every muscle in my body and a large part of my brain wanted to do: beat the ever living shit out of my sister.

Fi eyes indeed. :exterminate:
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