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@Sei35 @Lord of Turtles @Agent X

Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment (Second Edition)

For ALL Introverted Clients whose therapists use MBTI for their practice:

Extraverted clients

* need the therapist to talk a good deal and give feedback on progress.
* look first to others and external circumstances as the source of their problems.
* may be uncomfortable with too much exploration of their "inner life."
* often recount their activities as a way of communicating who they are.
* sometimes extravert both their dominant and their auxiliary function, making them appear to be "extremely" extraverted. This may be either situational or habitual.

Introverted clients

* need more time to establish a trusting relationship and risk discussing difficult areas.
*need more time to reflect before answering questions.
*look first to themselves as the source of their problems.
*benefit from moderate, gradual encouragement to take extraverted "risks."
*sometimes introvert both their dominant and auxiliary functions, making them appear to be "extremely" introverted; this may be either situational or habitual.

This is from one of the books I reference 'as' I reference the others, e.g. Gifts Differing by Isabel Myers-Briggs; Was That Really Me? by Naomi L. Quenk; Neurosis and Human Growth by Karen Horney (last name pronounced Hor-Nigh).

I stay away from youtube self-proclaimed MBTI gurus like Michael Pierce (think I got his name right) because he (and the others) are so often wrong, misleading. And the rest are so obviously playing, tossing out nonsense.

ADDITION: If the auxiliary (or some other) function is, in Jung's words, "Undifferentiated" -- either extremely or moderately, getting an accurate MBTI typing will be difficult even for professionals, so those who are self-typing or relying on amateurs are likely to go astray and get more confused, not less so.


Lord of Turtles wrote: Thank you for Sharing :)

I like Michael Pierce. He helped me to understand the ISTP better, to type myself. We have apparently different opinions. Will you forgive me? haha
BranchMonkey wrote:

@Lord of Turtles

You probably don't understand his English and enjoy his erudite-sounding voice. :p

For those who don't know me, I will add "Seriously" here:

You know, I think, that diverse opinions are par for the human course.

A lot of people like that guy. I can punch holes in most of what he says--and I did, alone. I noted that when he would admit to making a mistake, he would 'rush' through that part, make excuses, then hurry to get back on track using even more multiple syllable words to, perhaps, soothe his ego.

I haven't found any youtube gurus worth a damn.

But different strokes and all that.

I prefer the books, referencing and reflecting on them. I save youtubes, for the most part, for songs.

Now, you may shoot me. o_O
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