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I hope you are joking regarding English :p

I find his explanations logical, and that is the most important thing for me as Ti Dom ^^

We have probably different ways to filter and evaluate what he is saying. Interesting!

Naw, I will not shoot you. I will ... sacrifice you!

Totally kidding, of course, goofenheimer--about your English and the erudite part.

I do, however (I want this noted) have, a lot of the times, a facetious--even biting--sense of humor. Go figure. Aren't all INFJs supposed to be 'cuddle bears.' (Insert eye roll, here.)

I'd enjoy sitting with you, if you'd sit still long enough (doubt it based on the ISTP I was married to as well as others I've been friends with) and stop Michael Pierce's youtube (one I have in mind in which he is explaining Fe vs Fi and fucking it up badly, boring too), and say, "There!" then get the books and compare... by which time you would have gone into my kitchen looking for booze, or an exit.

Now, it's time to say a big ha ha!

And I'd love to be sacrificed rather than shot... as long as I get to choose the wood for my pyre. I am particular about how one will send me up in smoke.
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