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What are your dreams?

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I don't mean what you dreamt in your sleep last night. I'm talking about that desire that's burning inside you or once had. I want to hear about visiting every country in Africa, life as it would of been with your secret crush, building that bicycle from scratch, or even squeezing that bottle of toothpaste from the bottom instead of the top until you've finished it.
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Like your username, I dream of there being some sort of revolution in society and for my ideals of humans being fundamentally good beneath the ignorance to come to fruition.. not gonna happen anytime soon obviously but I really hope that in the future people will be 'evolved' enough to make something like the Venus Project work without corruption or conspiracies.

I also dream of being my ideal self, having the perfect relationships and living the perfect lifestyle. In more realistic terms: having enough confidence to pursue all the things I want to without regrets, such as travelling, finding a fulfilling job and meeting new people, as well as nurturing the wisdom and contentment needed to accept the limits of my dreams ): I also dream of being god, creating self-indulgent universes and having the power to manipulate the laws of physics at whim. :crazy::unsure:
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