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What are your favorite questions?

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Those questions.
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What would happen if we just.. didn't?
There would be a whole lot less doing and much more don'ting.

It would probably be a happier world.

I want to steal his car stereo. Just... don't.
I want to devote my life to ruining other people's. Well... don't do that.
I want to sell popcorn that burns if you put it in the microwave 5 seconds longer than you're supposed to.
Now you're crossing the damn line.

I think personally I have to go with the perennial classic "What do you mean?"
What would happen if we just.. didn't?
My Favorite Types of Questions Scale, with examples:

8 - 10 - Purposeful Philosophy: "What motivates humankind?" and "Is there correlation between X and Y?" (Questions which are based on facts and truths, but very broad and may not have just one "answer" or perspective.)
5 - 7 - How Stuff Works: mechanics, physics, etc.: "How does gravity bend light?" and "How do anti-lock breaks work?" (Questions that involve facts and truths, and generally do have "one answer.")
2 - 4 - Emotional stuff: "Why do you love me?" and "How much do you love me?" (Questions that are obviously subjective and have no real answer.)
1 - Purposeless Philosophy: "What is the meaning of life?" and "Is there a god?" (Questions are entirely speculative and are not founded on facts or truths, but some people believe there is one answer or perspective.)

f m h d t w?????????????????????
least favorite
"What do/don't you like to do?"
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My two favorites would have to be: "Do you have a point?" And: "Are you still talking?"
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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