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What are your relationship red flags?

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What will cause you to completely lose attraction or cut off the relationship?

For me it's....

If I feel like he is trying or starting to seriously brainwash me...RED FLAG.

If I feel like he is acting like he is better looking, smarter and more 'noble' than most people..RED FLAG

I just want someone who's humble and understanding enough, that's all really. This is because I am someone who is very hard for most people, even the most observant ones to understand. And I am attracted to humility; it is seriously a central core value that has driven me to the closest people in my life.
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Arrogance. (HUGE turn off!)
Flirty with other women.
Playing hard to get too much.
Not show me affection with actions or words.
Rough handles me.
Abusive in any way.
Distant and cold.
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When the yelling exceeds an unacceptably high decibel=P

A major red flag for me is if the unfounded "Where were you?" Who was that?..... etc" questions pop up.
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