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Ok, I'll start with mine:

P.E.: ESTx; not sure which. I cut his class too many times anyway.

Math: ISFJ; she's really kind and sweet; with a good sense of humor. She gives out difficult and long tests though.

Health: ESTJ; very strong Te to the point of being intimidating (Case in point: of all the teachers, she was the one to yell at me for sleeping in class.) She constantly reminds us of how organized she is while getting frustrated when people ask questions about assignment directions ("I'm too organized.")

Physics: ENxP, leaning towards ENFP but could be either. He's really nice and chill, has the Ne eyes™, tells a lot of stories, and "memes on Reddit" lol
But I'm still lowkey failing his class.

U.S. History: ESTJ; usually just talks in class without giving many tests or assignments, but when he gives assignments, they're usually really important ones in terms of how they're weighted into our grade (such as essays, for example.) He goes on a lot of rants; I think they're entertaining, definitely very blunt, and kind of hilarious, but there are students who get offended by them.

Choir: hard to type, I wanna say xSFP? He's usually pretty nice and laidback, but he goes into hardcore Te-mode in the rehearsals nearing and during important events. Furthermore, he's extremely passionate about music, and he also kinda plans things last minute sometimes.

English: INxJ (confirmed by my teacher himself; he's gotten INTJ more often than INFJ on tests but he kinda seems more Fe/Ti than Te/Fi to me. Honestly, while Ni dom makes sense, I can also see Ne in him as well; so INTP could potentially be a fitting type for him as well. Anyway, he's an extremely insightful teacher; very approachable and also very open-minded towards differing opinions. He's also a self-proclaimed "geek," which is always cool and stuff. My two complaints with him are these: 1. that he gave out this one month long group project (groups were actually formed using a free online MBTI type test) where only one group can get a 100 and everyone else gets a 90 at best (yanno, that can really kill some of our averages. I mean, 90's a decent grade, but...) 2. that he gave out this really difficult multiple choice test where we had to remember very specific details to a book we read in class (c'mon, you're an iNtuitive, I thought you'd understand the struggle :sad:)

Spanish: I wanna say ESFJ, but I'm not sure. She seems Fe dom but also with unusually high Te for those kinds of personality types. She actually seems more Te-ish on the surface, but her Fe really bubbles up in one-on-one conversation especially (as opposed to when she's addressing the class.) She's an extremely genuine and kind person who really cares about her students, and I appreciate how honest she is with us.

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I only have two in-person professors at the moment.

I have the same professor for three English classes at the moment. She said she tests as INFJ, and I can definitely see that for her. She's very aux Fe/tert Ti, and Ni dom works way more than Si dom would.

I think my history professor might be INTP. Could be a shy ENTP but that seems less likely.

I don't know how to type my online teachers.

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School was a few years ago for me but I'll try my best to remember-

English: Male ISTJ roughly early thirties

Maths: Male ISFJ about 30 ish

Science: Female ESFJ probably about 40

Art: Female ISFJ about late 20s (and was hot)

Music: Female ESTJ about late 55 ish

Drama: Female ENFP about 35 probably

History: Female ISTJ about early 30s

Geography: Male ISTP early 30s (he was awesome, he used to banter with the students and was into cool music and good TV shows)

French: Female ESFJ about 40

PE: Female ESTP about 40 (everyone was sure she was lesbian but no one found out for certain)

IT: Male ESTJ about early 40s (he was massive, loud and serious af, scared the shit out of every student, even the "hard" ones wouldn't talk back to him until he was gone and they'd make remarks. He was the teacher they'd call over to another class to sort out the really rowdy students that no one else can make behave)

Food Tech: IDK she was fucking insane (about 50 ish)

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I'm not in school, but for my hobbies:

Dance instructor :ENFJ - sparkly personality with a delightful laugh, cheery and fun to be around. Upbeat, positive and encouraging. Also a bit idealistic and ambitious - doesn't focus on details as much as I would like

Choir - ISFJ (I think) very organized and structured, offers positive feedback (e.g good job!), always starts and ends on time, sends rehearsal schedule in advance; -not very spontaneous; goes through choir parts very sequentially

My previous choir instructor was Estj, I think. Very No one wanted to get on his wrong side.

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Biology Teacher: ENFJ/P Type 7
Chemistry Teacher: ISTP Type 1
Psychology Teacher: INTJ Type 5
Sociology teacher: INTP Type 5/9

INFP 9w1 sp/so
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Oh wow, that's one I haven't heard before. Interesting idea. I finished school 8 years ago so memory's a bit foggy but I'll try and remember the teachers I had in my last year of school:

Tutor: Male ESTJ maybe, kind of hard to type him. My best friend and I annoyed him a lot so I only really saw his annoyed side. I did like him though, me and my friend were just really hyper when we were together and spent all our time messing around which he didn't like very much.

English: Female ENTP, possibly ENFP - She was literally just one of us, she was great. She'd join in with all the teenage gossip and laugh and joke with us, but she could also be serious when she needed to and she wasn't a pushover. My English class had some of the rowdiest kids in our year and she was one of the few teachers who could keep them under control out of respect.

Maths: Female ISFJ - That woman's entire life revolved around maths, I swear to god. She wanted us all to love maths as much as she did. My best friend and I had an inside joke that she led a band called The Mathematicians. She was pleasant though.

Physics & Chemistry: If I remember which teacher it was correctly, female INTJ - Quite serious but not unpleasant unless you annoyed her. You could get her talking about her personal life a little if she was in a decent mood. Looked a lot stricter than she was, but I wouldn't call her the opposite of strict.

Biology: The last teacher I remember having might have been ISFP - My god, this was awful. I felt so bad for her, she was brand new to our school so I think she was new to teaching, and she was quite young and meek and our class was full of uncontrollable students, and every lesson we had with her she literally couldn't teach us anything at all, she just spent the whole lesson trying to get everyone under control. It got to a point where she just gave up and started carrying out the lesson regardless of whether anyone was listening and I couldn't even hear her quiet voice over all the noise. Eventually she started getting the head of her department to stand in on our lessons and those were the only times an actual lesson happened. I hope she didn't have a nervous breakdown after all that, she seemed really nice, but I wasn't missing an opportunity to sit and do nothing for the whole period. She'd do great as a primary school teacher, she's just too soft to deal with teenagers.

ICT: Male IxTP - He was an odd one, before I had him as my teacher I'd heard from everyone that he was Satan himself but when I had him as my teacher he was perfectly fine, he was one of those teachers who tried just a little bit too hard to be fun but I appreciated the effort.

Food Technology: Female ESTJ - Goddamn I hated that woman. She treated me worse than everyone else in the class because she didn't like my hair. Not even a joke. Very no-nonsense, liked to chew people out. I took solace in the fact that she had a hilarious surname that she was probably bullied for in school.

PE: I don't remember who I had, but he lied and said I put a lot of effort into PE and was doing really well in it in my report card so he's a 10/10 in my books. Probably a feeler based on that, probably an extrovert as we only had one PE teacher I'd call introverted and it wasn't him, and being sporty tells me he's probably more likely to be a sensor. So maybe ESFJ? I'm fairly confident with that.

Performing Arts 1: Male ESTJ maybe - I don't remember much about him, but I'm compelled to say ESTJ from what I do remember. Fun enough, but of the three he was the most serious and the only one who'd actually get annoyed at us for messing about.

Performing Arts 2: Male ExFJ - I physically cannot believe how nice and chilled out that guy was. I don't know if he was just putting it on but I don't think I could picture that guy ever getting mad at anybody. Whenever he caught us messing about he just laughed about it. He seemed like he was enjoying every second of life.

Performing Arts 3: Male INTP maybe - Very short guy. Not relevant but that's the first thing that comes to mind. He was nice enough too, very very chilled out, semi-monotonous voice and facial expression didn't really change, talked about music with us a lot, he was in a band. Me and the people I sat close to spent all our time in his class pissing around on the internet and he never seemed to care, he just made it clear that it'd just end with us failing and left us to do our thing.

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My favorite high school teacher was undoubtedly an ENFJ. I'm still friends with her on Facebook. She's still friends with everybody, is working on her PhD in her retirement, has a poetic philosophical answer for everything but unfortunately also has trite, middle class, politically correct mainstream opinions about everything. I think it's her only flaw, as an FP, I fucking hate that and think it's cowardice, but in reality this woman isn't a coward, she loved her students and supported us. She's still friends with us on FB years later, WTF. Talk about commitment to social responsibility!

My loved/hated advisor in college is an INFJ. Sounds subtle but no, no no because fuck that bitch really. Okay, no actually she was pretty nice to everyone, and again everyone loved her, but she tried to be too politically correct about things like presenting climate change and plant based diets to the public, very weak about things that have strong real life consequences, and that made me want to behead her, because that's not how we do things in FiSIS.

Hmmm...favorite college professor, probably an ENTP research biologist who literally worked on that Northern Spotted Owl case in Twin Peaks and Earth First! and pretty much my entire adolescence led me to meet this man. Not in a creepy, physical way, just like wow, yeah you're the sign I am where I belong. He also really funny and obnoxious, so funny and obnoxious that I didn't mind that he made occasional jokes about tofu.

People who wrote me letters of recommendation for grad school...hmmm.

My internship advisor might be ENFP. Very social justice oriented, very go out of her way, change jobs lots of times, be very kind, but also be very firm. She's a doll, I really love her.

My old Geology professor who stopped talking to her grandpa because he had the sexist nerve to dispute her over climate change though she has a PhD in Geology (she literally stopped talking to gramps, I will never forget this lady) ...had a playful side but pretty "sciencey" so likely ENTJ. I kind of want to say INTJ because of the straight face and the brutally honest way she informed me that she'd write me a nice letter though she didn't know me very well... but her fun field trips were so fun. ENTJ.

Crazy crossfit recreation prof, definitely an ESTP. She's the biggest ESTP I ever did see. A smart one too, with a PhD in Rec, but pretty aggressive about...everything. And a sense of humor. I think we only clashed over my veganism and when she once dared to tell me I needed to pack my backpack before I had my morning coffee in the backcountry when I was on my period.

The only libertarian I ever loved fat, white, male forestry professor. Obviously not a sexual love. Not a political love, either, clearly. But he was just a lovable, smart person, and honestly taught me things. He showed me an amazing book, and graded me really easily. Then he wrote me a nice letter of recommendation. Quickly. Probably some kind of IXXP. I can't really say. I lean IxFP.

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I can't really remember all of them... I no longer have to go to school. Being an adult is sooooo much better. Escaping from my parents and their mentality, being financially independent, having a job and responsibilities... Thank God!

But I think my favourite all time teachers were an INFJ (high school history) and an ENFJ (high school social sciences).

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There's a large variation, but my best ones were clear ENTPs. My history teacher was a textbook ENTP and even if you were bad at his class you had to admit he made ish entertaining. One of the first things he did, when we were learning about the Paleolithic, was he showed us images of these figurines and told us to describe what we saw. We all tried to give politically correct answers (I said that they are "curvaceous ladies") so he waited for at least one student to be blunt enough to say "they have huge tits and asses" :D good times

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My High School teachers-
French- ISxJ- very routine, didn't speak that much unless it was necessary
Alegbra 1- ISFJ- calm personality, liked marathons, considerate of others
Algebra 2- ESTJ- confident, organized
Dance- ESFP- liked to give her opinions of things, talkative, a bit catty
Biology student-teacher- ESFJ. Outgoing, seemed friendly but was an asshole, also didn't know much about biology
Biology- ISTJ- Modest, detail oriented
Art- ESFP- Very outgoing, could be weirdly emotional and temperamental at times
English- INTJ? Almost never talked about himself like other teachers did, skilled writer, occasionally rude
English grades 10 to 12 (she moved to the next grade every year because she wanted to teach the same students) ENFJ- Very social, reminded me of a spiritual guru, liked to tell stories, wasn't accepting of things that were outside of her personal preferences
Geometry- ISTP- Lazy and barely taught us, boring, mean
Chemistry- ENTP- Kooky and weird, believed in conspiracy theory, made sure all of the students understood their work and was very helpful, would occasionally offend students by accident
Medical- ISTJ- modest & quiet
History- ENTJ- Assertive, usually friendly, taught in an engaging way
Forensic Science- ESTP- Tomboyish, loud speaker
Forensic Science (we had a new teacher since the old one was actually a math teacher who had to sub for us since our school didn't have enough math/science teachers)- ENFJ- Kind, accepting
Geometry- Not sure what type? Seemed NT- Knowledgeable, friendly
Algebra 3- Lazy, almost never taught anything, quit halfway through the year
Long term algebra sub #1- ESTJ- Very strict and would shout at students, once got angry at student and kicked her desk, would walk around red-faced and read to lay down the law
Long term sub #2- ISTJ- Really quiet and you could barely hear him. he seemed good-natured but we barely knew him
Sports Medicine- ESTP- Outgoing, usually friendly but had a unpleasant side
History- ENTP- Liked to embarrass students in front of the class. Told jokes that no one found funny. Taught his political bias as fact. Almost no one liked him.
Financial math- Some type of extrovert, would often try to talk to the popular kids (which they found really annoying), would brag about his travels, was a bit weird
Long term substitute for financial math after the other one either quit or was fired- ISTJ. Polite, a bit serious
Earth & Space Science- ExTJ- Assertive, showed & discussed interesting science videos, facts, pictures. Was nice to our class, but really mean to any class that was slightly out of line
Money Management- ESTJ- Confident, outgoing, friendly. Knew a lot about the subject
Economics- ENTP- Intelligent and also spoke so loudly that you could hear him at the other end of the hallway
Politics & Gov- idk what type. Really liked group work.

College professors:
Psychology- INFJ- Friendly, smart, clean-cut. Some girls thought he was handsome. I found out about MBTI after he had our class take the test. He was also a psychiatrist.
Psychology of Gender- ENFJ- Seemed nice as first, but occasionally showed her mean side
Children's Literature- Likely ENFJ or ESFP. Was friendly, very outgoing.
I haven't taken many college courses yet, so this list is still TBD.
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