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some turn-offs (assuming I'm physically attracted):

- Uninquisitive
- Dull
- Religious
- Overbearing political opinions that aren't grounded in reality or adopted without much thought (inherited from parents, etc.)
- Perspectives are way off from mine (guess this covers religiosity and political camps)
- Goals are way off from mine (in terms of a long-term thing)
- She wants children
- She wants to destroy me (actually, this could be a turn on)

I don't really mind insecure/damaged people generally. Sometimes it enhances things and makes them interesting if they are self-aware enough and have realized it/done something with it.

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Rebound relationships turn me off. People who are friendly with exes are fine of course, but people who still have 'feelings' for an ex will make me see red immediately. It's like if you're not over an ex, why the fuck are you wasting my time? I am not interested in playing second fiddle to anyone's memories. I dated this guy who was still rebounding (found out later in the relationship) 2 years after his ex had been married. As soon as I realized he still had an unhealthy fixation on her (he started comparing me to her negatively and other such ridiculous bullshit), I ditched his ass.

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1. Smelling stinky, especially since I get turned off by the smell of smoke, alcohol, brussel sprouts, strong perfume, etc.
2. Unkempt hair.
3. Crooked and unclean teeth.
4. Tacky clothes.
5. Being broke financially.
6. Guys behaving like bad boys that don't care about consequences.
7. Clinginess.
8. A person treating me like I'm part of their secret affair because I'm their secret sidepiece while they're married or having a significant other.
9. Lies.
10. Religious people.
11. Drug addicts.
12. Alcoholics.
13. Very loud voices.
14. Sociopaths
15. Psychopaths.
16. Sadists.
17. Masochists.
18. Rebound relationships.
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