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I am an aspiring artist. My profile is ESFP. I worked in Industry for 32 years as a technologist, and I was good, though not successful economically as I was competing on INTJ Turf. I had 4 MBTI Strikes against me, and I fought the fight with all my heart. It was clear that my INTJ boss wanted to make me into his image, classic managerial behavior.

Now, having taken early retirement, I am looking for ways to make my life count for something. I looked at the variety of professions in which an ESFP can do well. Selling houses, for one (not interested, particularly). I then decided to pursue something in art. I'd no training, but seemed to have the knack for it, more or less. I took a 4 hour class, bought the supplies, and I was in. Now I am an aspiring artist.

I grew up in the South. I was well aware of the racism boiling around me, and I was aware that something big was happening as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought the fight for civil rights for descendants of African slaves in America. My dad was a leader in the community. I asked him why he had bathrooms for White Men and Colored Men. He explained to me that it was the law, and when the law changed, the bathrooms would all be the same. The law did change, and the bathrooms were all remodeled, and discrimination at the water fountains and the restrooms was done.

Where are we now with racism? We have come a long way here in America. The things that were accomplished by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are obvious: integration of buses (the Bus Boycott) followed by integration of buses on the highways (the Freedom Riders), integration of schools, freedom to vote, these are the obvious ones.

We are still plenty segregated in the urban areas, and the inner suburbs are becoming more integrated. The wealthy folks live way out where the prices keep black folks out, for the most part. (Ref Note 1). There exists separate cultures because of the separation of the communities. Black descendants of slaves are very fearful of whites because of the history of racism in this country. The most segregated time in the country is 10:00 A.M. on Sunday morning!

Note 1: (I had a boss a while back who proposed that the company furnish him with a helicopter and pilot to fly him back and forth between home in the country and the company. He took a lot of flak on that issue, and the proposal was shot down. (Yes, flak is the exploding ordnance shot up by the anti aircraft installations on the ground; I stated it that way on purpose)).
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