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Once again I'm turning to you for some help.

If you want to know a bit of a backstory, you can read through this thread:

Short story - there's one ENFJ in my life who I just can't seem to figure out. Therefore I'd like to get some help.
I've had a crush on him for around a year, maybe more and in the end I fell in love with him and went so far as to confess my feelings to him.

He said that he feels indifferent about me, but there has been some signs that I still find puzzling.

Signs that might indicate attraction:

1. We've been together on many parties...and EACH time I start to dance next to him (just dancing in my own way, but I have been told it looks quite sexy), he kinda freezes, almost stops dancing himself, starts to look around, gets a bit awkward and starts rubbing his hands (which is typically sign of some nervousness). He NEVER does it around anyone else.
2. Once he looked at me with half-clothed eyes, almost like bewitched, which I read is a sign of lust.
3. He's body language: I've often noticed his legs are pointed toward me when he talks with other people. And on social events he often sits in a place where he can have a good look at me and I have seen him staring at me at some points.
4. On one specific event he spent whole evening next to me, he wanted to sit next to me all the time and on that night for the first and only time I felt smothered by him.
5. On one occassion he was standing behind me SO close, almost inside my personal space. I could almost feel his body against mine, that's how close he was. And there was no reason for him to stand so close because it was outside and there was a lot of place.

Signs that indicate disinterest:

1. He has NEVER initiated online conversations with me, it was always me.
2. Also, he has never really showed any interest to get to know me better, he never quite ask me questions about my life, my interests, passions etc. But then again, he mainly talks about himself with everyone else as well.
3. He said so.
4. He also said he couldn't find any occassion when he might have showed some signs of interest towards me. He said he "tries to be very careful with that kind of things".

Signs that might indicate both:
1. He has never been particulary flirty with me, but he easily flirts with pretty much every other girl.
2. First couple of times in parties he seemed a bit shy to ask me for a dance, and I did it myself. Later he started to ask me himself.
3. Once we had lunch together and he didn't say a word during it. I've never seen him not talking with whoever he is with, he usually talks with everyone.
4. He doesn't compliment me as much as other girls.
5. He has often ignored me on social events.
5. During our meeting after I confessed, he was rather cold with me. At some points he was like he usually is, but then mainly he was cold, like he didn't care about my feelings at all. He's F turned into T. Could this be because of stress?
6. Many times it has been hot and cold with him - one day he's so warm and friendly with me, the next he's cold and indifferent.

So, this all has puzzled the hell out of me for the past year. I just can't figure him out!
I know I should probably just believe what he told me himself, but I won't be calm until I hear it from someone else as well.

Could all these signs mean he's not interested/attracted to me and it's just me seeing what I like to see?

P.S. He told me he isn't interested in a relationship right now and won't be for at least 2 years since he's business is his priority right now.
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