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- fixation on justice
- lots of time spent on deciding what my political views are, what is the right/wrong thing to do/believe
- similar fixation on punishment and retribution.
- hot, simmering anger under the surface. this anger is controlled rather than indulged (8) or hidden (9)
- issues with reaction formation. I often won't allow myself to react to something which I deem petty or in my imagination (I have learned to trust my intuition more and call bullshit earlier in the game, but I did not always have this ability)
- if I don't let it out, it can come out in petty, antagonistic ways (which, ironically, display the passive-aggression I so vehemently try to avoid)
- patient, polite style of debate.
- more steady, authoritative energy than most head types

- emotionally predatory behavior
- strong sense of personal loyalty. if I love you, I will go to the ends of the earth and back in order to keep you safe and happy
- believe that no one will love me unless I actively seduce them
- preoccupation with desirability (mostly sexual in nature)
- desire to "rescue" people. I have an attraction to people who are suicidal, have suffered abuse in their past or are victims of bullying because I can be a beacon of hope for them
- being wanted is not enough, I must be needed to feel as if I have a secure source of intimacy
- strong sense of pride, resulting in not wanting to admit my needs and vulnerabilities to myself. this can lead me to manipulate people to get my needs met for me (because it's much more convenient to think "I deserve ___ because I did ___" rather simply admitting "I need help. would you please do this for me?")

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This excludes core fix, right?

- Quite emotional and prone to moments of extreme feeling
- Reclusion from others, prefer to remain within myself
- Desire for individuality, unique style
- Prefers specialization over general knowledge, want to be "the expert in ___"
- Dispels negative emotions through music, poetry, or self-analysis
- Incredibly introspective, and very open to myself about my flaws

- Anxiety is my middle name; I can't do anything new without worrying about its consequences
- Fear dissuades me from pursuing many avenues, both good and bad
- Concern about security, won't do anything unsafe
- Open to others about fears and prefers company of others during anxious times
- Supportive of others (usually cx) and eager to help/advise
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3w4 (sp)
-I am constantly aware of an ideal version of me, of what I can become.
-I compare myself a lot with others and I tend to feel inferior than or not adequate enough.
-I dislike feeling dysfunctional and not being able to cope with life, specially because it is my responsibility.
-I want to be good and be seen as good.
-I want to seen as special, unique or distinctive.
-I value a lot my independence and I want to see me as autonomous, self-sufficient and self-focused, partly because it is shameful to be a burden, to depend on others, to not provide to or look out for oneself, to focus more on others and to not be in charge of my life.
-In general, I want to have a stable self-worth. I want to admire me.
-I take pride in my honesty and unpretentiousness.
-I conceal my emotions, mostly to protect myself, but partly because I think it is good to not display them so overtly (but also to not deny them).
-I am very self-aware and introspective, but once in a while I still feel I am maybe lying to myself or not having a full picture of who I really am.
-I feel very empty and that I am nothing, but I know I can be something if I do something about it.
-I take pride in doing a good job and I want a job I know I am good at doing. This is essentially the safe move. As an example, I chose my career because it is practical and it is something that could be applied to many fields, but also because I like it and I feel -i like it because I am good at it (and have been told I am good at it). If I trace it back, I feel that my interest in maths was strengthened when I aced a test most people failed and I was the best in my class. What a coincidence!
-I am no stranger to envy. I catch myself wanting to be like others a lot of the time. It is just a reflection of my ideal. This leaves me thinking others are the standard.
-I can be very hard on myself and self-critical.
-I don't want to be easily contented or satisfied, I am afraid of being mediocre and of letting me set for less.
-I think being tenacious and bearing pain without wincing is honourable and a display of strength. I want to be dignified and poised.

-I don't want to be affected or influenced by things around me.
-I use indifference as a defense mechanism and even as a weapon. I feel like I can be cruelly detached and turn my back when the world needs me the most.
-There's a theme for burning bridges and letting go in my life.
-When it comes to giving my opinion about something, specially if it is a complex or controversial topic, I approach it holistically or from a neutral standpoint and consider maybe more than I should and I give the impression of being undecided, uncertain, and afraid of ruffling feathers, which is partly true.
-I wouldn't consider me to be afraid of conflict, but I do avoid conflicts. I am acutely aware of conflict and its essential nature in human interaction, but even if I acknowledge its benefits (and drawbacks), I still brush off conflicts by deeming them irresolvable due to petty subjective differences that cannot be reconciled.
-I think I have a broad perception on things. I can see things from different perspectives, see the pros and cons of any proposition and understand reasons coming from all sides in a conflict. It's like I am suited for the role of mediator.
-Even if people have called me intolerant, I feel I can understand and accept even things that provoked a negative knee jerk reaction.
-I feel in the middle of things a lot. In the middle of the spectrum, in the center of conflicts, sometimes high and above, like an overseer.
-I tend to feel blank and undefined a lot of the time. Paradoxically, I feel like everything; it is hard to say no to parts of me. I am multifaceted, multilayered, changing.
-I put boundaries to others when it comes to doing things at my pace.
-I tend to minimize my problems and deal with them on my own.
-Sometimes I can be oddly optimistic and see the silver linings of a negative situation. However, I still see it as the healthy and realistic (the right) way of seeing things.
-I don't think I hide my anger, I control it. I am irritable and grumpy at my worst. I am also somewhat critical; I am definitely more self-critical than critical of others.
-I value self-control.
-I use to say I am tenderly harsh. If you want me to be frank, I will, but I feel like I do it in a way that's not hurtful. It also applies to me, I don't let others judge me as harshly as I do, mainly because in a way I am more "tender" if I do it myself.
-There's a dash of disillusioned idealist in me.
-I have a problem with inaction. I feel like my life hasn't started. I feel like I've been living under a rock for years.
-It's hard to not see the similarities between people. In comparison I feel ordinary, just like everybody else. I feel human and identify as such.

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For 5w4, this used to be a lot worse, but I do have a part of me which shies away from attachments to the external world, like I live almost in a little bubble and just subconsciously reject them, peak out when it feels comfortable. Thankfully it's become more comfortable in the past couple of years, so. Not as big a deal, but it's still there. That has a lot to do with time. I used to hoard my time like crazy. Now I still hoard it, but I have more life in me now. I've also always had a habit of hoarding objects for when I need them, practical things. It's not a big thing for me, but it's a little habit I have. Perhaps also indicative of sp in me

Emotions...I'm a very emotional person but I've had to, over the past few years, push through to let myself feel some things as something was always keeping me from passing a door inside of me, like passing through it would risk something sucking me dry or making me lose myself or something. And even though I'm a very emotional person, I have troubles expressing them off the internet and in the moment, like I might freeze up completely, or separate myself while someone is, by my perception, attacking me. I've had times I've tried to hard but ended up breaking down crying because what someone was doing was too overwhelming

As for the 4 wing part of it, people always say it adds a very mystical, emotional edge to the 5. I feel as if at this point, I've come to all but reject logic. Logic is somehow blinding to me. It's like 'truth' if it was ever gonna be found can only be found in something raw which to me is more real than something so human as logic

I also have a part of me that strongly rejects convention but also sees myself as naturally above it ngl lol


I can be a free spirited child type of person...I actually am a lot. I want to explore the world, live on my little whims, lose myself in beautiful music, just do what I feel. I don't want to hold myself down, I hate obligations. Sometimes I feel like people worry too much about shit that just doesn't matter. Losing myself in music could sound more 4ish, and most of the time it is, but in this way, I mean I like to maybe listen to music, take a walk, and enter into some kinda alpha state where my thoughts are just free, not going in any particular direction

I read the above post and it made me realize, I like to look at things very broadly too, not always take a side or tie myself down to one perspective

Part of the time I am conflict just makes me feel better off to avoid it or diffuse it or something. I also very often get lost in my mind, not paying so much attention to 'what is right there'

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, I try to be understanding. I actually don't know if I can hold grudges. Even if I want to, things just...they just fade away

On the one side of things, though it's weaker than the nine, I sometimes notice a kind of critical, superego, 'you shouldn't do that' type of thing. It's weak, but it certainly comes out sometimes. I have a part of me which tries to repress anger simply because it feels like I shouldn't lose control. I've noticed in my mind since I was a kid this hang up about fairness, but mostly when it pertains to me so I'm not even sure if this is one, I might just be an asshole

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Here is a brief summary of all 3. It's on you to deduce which is the core.

Well, I think anyone who's been following my posts knows most of them already. But here we go one more time:
- I am generally seen by those who get to know me as theatrical, at times dramatic, yet most of that drama happens inside my own head
- I'm the one who's "different", and I've suffered for it
- Tendencies toward depression and melancholy (NOT clinical depression)
- A fear of being "boring", and a certain sense that my mood swings are what make me different
- Aesthetic sense
- Feelings of being ugly and disgusting and a certain self-consciousness regarding this area of life
- Feelings of having missed out; regrets centering around all the ways I've failed at life
- Envy and all it implies. Angry envy. Hatefulness

- Hope springs eternal. When things go bad, I still hope there's some way around it. In the depths of my sorrows, a shiny new plan never ceases to captivate me
- I decided when I hit puberty, I'd be a child forever. That's proving true. I'm growing in reverse even--I used to be a real pill. I've lightened up in lots of ways and am now solidly irreverent.
- Even at my darkest and most grim hour, I find humor and I'm writing a story about it in my head
- Heightened imagination (I may be confusing Ne here)
- A tendency to mix up panic and "depression" (not 4ish depression, it's a distinct feeling)
- I can worry about negative consequences of things in the abstract, but when faced with them directly, I tend to not perceive it, make up stories, laugh about it, act like everything's fine, etc. When push comes to shove, my way of handling the scary unknown is to go into cloud-world and never come down.

- A certain tendency toward inarticulate physical aggression, particularly when angry, or in a crowd
- A rather volatile sense of justice, and a certain hypersensitivity to questions of power, particularly when I am involved in that equation
- An ability to con people (yes, really)
- The War
- Probably pointless to keep going because "it's the same thing as cp6 anyway". Never mind.

Of course, there are many others for each of them. I have given only a summary of each.

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  • I can be as lazy as fuck.
  • I avoid things that make me uncomfortable.
  • I don't like to impose myself on other people.
  • Dislike of conflict and confrontation, even going to the point of mirroring others to try and get along. (Although sp 6 has me covered even more there, perhaps.)
  • My own sense of self is very vague, yet paradoxically I don't want anything to influence me.
  • This is more sp 9 specifically, but I tend to numb myself with food, surfing the internet, playing video games, etc.

3w4 (Not entirely sure if this is my image fix but I'll go with it.)
  • I always had to make straight As and being a smart person was part of my identity.
  • I used to really work my ass off at school...until around my sophomore year of high school. That's when work demands increased and depression started setting in. I still did my work but I procrastinated a lot. And by college I started half-assing it and still getting good results since I'm somehow good at multiple choice even if I've barely studied.
  • I used to have a bit of a competitive streak, but it only came out when I felt like my image of "smartness" was being threatened.
  • Reliance on the praise of others to boost my self-esteem.
  • The concept of sp 3s having to be the image they try to project resonates with me.

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4w3: Rebellious, true to myself, easily depressed, craving attention.

8w7: Vengeful, disobedient, prefers to be in control of things.

5w4: Seeking the truth, intellectual, philosophical.

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I think both 6w5 and 1w9 compliment a SP 3w4 so well that it's hard to discern what trait is from where, so there is much overlap. I may integrate some into 6, and while I'm leaning toward 1w9 now (had 1w2 before) I'm not positive of it. Here are some traits I relate to:


Loyal and protective of friends
Trustworthy, but slow to trust others
Can be ironic and sarcastic
Strong political views, but dislikes political debates
Fierce defenders of their beliefs
Interested in learning and mastering a craft
Typically a traditional, conservative person who wants to fit into a safe, trustworthy group
Rarely wears colorful clothing
Prefers occupations that combine belonging to a group with being alone
Multiple hobbies and interests
Emotionally stable


Has a sense of purpose
A sense of duty
Takes pride in their work
Committed to specific moral, ethical, and political beliefs
An attraction to nature
Notions of class, privilege, and public responsibility are important to them
A desire to appear patrician
Is often terse in explanations
Dislikes emotional outbursts, prefers to use reason
Can be sarcastic

I copied these from different online descriptions. Can anyone recommend some good, in-depth sources of information on the specific wings of each type?

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Not sure if I'm 6 or 7, and 1 or 8, so I'll do all four. At the moment I only feel like listing a few characteristics for each type, maybe I'll expand later if I feel like it.

~ very paranoid and anxious
~ not trusting
~ doubtful
~ fixated on finding the truth
~ often thinking of worst-case scenarios and troubleshooting

~ avoidant
~ fun-loving
~ often fixating on imagining exciting activities that are planned to happen on the future
~ passionate about certain activities at the time and dropping them when they get boring

~ quick to anger
~ vengeful, concerned with exacting what i see as justice at the time
~ feels the need to be in control of the environment
~ rebellious

~ perfectionistic
~ wants to be correct
~ attached to following specific morals
~ judgmental
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