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Please choose one to five suitable cities for each personality type. The first city you write would be the most suitable, in your opinion, for that type.

If you are unable to spot suitable cities for all personality types, you might just choose a city suitable to your taste. If you choose to do that, don´t forget to tell us what is your type.

Protectors (SJ)

ESTJ - Overseer:
ESFJ - Supporter:
ISTJ - Examiner:
ISFJ - Defender:

Creators (SP)

ESTP - Persuader:
ESFP - Entertainer:
ISTP - Craftsman:
ISFP - Artist:

Intellectuals (NT)

ENTJ - Chief:
ENTP - Originator:
INTJ - Strategist:
INTP - Engineer:

Visionaries (NF)

ENFJ - Mentor:
ENFP - Advocate:
INFJ - Confidant:
INFP - Dreamer:


Alpha++ world cities:
New York, London

Alpha+ world cities:
Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Milan, Shanghai, Beijing

Alpha world cities:

Madrid, Moscow, Seoul, Toronto, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Chicago

Alpha− world cities:

Warsaw, São Paulo, Zurich, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Jakarta, Dublin, Bangkok, Taipei, Istanbul, Rome, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Athens, Caracas, Los Angeles, Auckland, Santiago


Beta+ world cities:
Washington, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Atlanta, Barcelona, San Francisco, Manila, Bogotá, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Dubai, Bucharest

Beta world cities:

Oslo, Berlin, Helsinki, Geneva, Copenhagen, Riyadh, Hamburg, Cairo, Luxembourg, Bangalore, Dallas, Kuwait, Boston

Beta− world cities:
Munich, Jeddah, Miami, Lima, Kiev, Houston, Guangzhou, Beirut, Karachi, Düsseldorf, Sofia, Montevideo, Nicosia, Rio de Janeiro, Ho Chi Minh City


Gamma+ world cities:
Montreal, Nairobi, Bratislava, Panama City, Chennai, Brisbane, Casablanca, Denver, Quito, Stuttgart, Vancouver, Zagreb, Manama, Guatemala City, Cape Town, San José, Minneapolis, Santo Domingo, Seattle

Gamma world cities:

Ljubljana, Shenzhen, Perth, Kolkata, Guadalajara, Antwerp, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, Amman, Portland, Lagos

Gamma− world cities:

Detroit, Manchester, Wellington, Riga, Guayaquil, Edinburgh, Porto, San Salvador, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Port Louis, San Diego, Islamabad, Birmingham, Doha, Calgary, Almaty, Columbus

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Sorry so short...
INFP here...Seattle Washington seems perfect.
Somewhat moody, full of personality and music, beautiful, and dark.

World cities...haven't been to a ton of cities outside the us, I loved Salzburg and Vienna...they had lots of personality, charm, history, and beauty.
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