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Alot of different ideas have been tossed around over time pertaining to what determines someone's personality. Could it be determined by an enviornment? Is it determined by genetics? Or maybe by choice? What do you think, what factor determines what makes you, you. Any theories or ideas are welcome!

I personally think we are born with a blue-print of a personality, then we add or remove bits and pieces over time but never really deviate from the main schematic. Idk that's just me though, for all I know it could be programed into my DNA. Or maybe God made each and every one of use uniquely out of clay. Who knows? =)
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I think all of the above!

Some of it is genes. You see this in how personality traits are shared by identical twins, or run in families.

Some of it is environment. As an extreme example, PTSD, and how family members would say "after the war, he was changed". (Of course not all of us have PTSD, but I think that mechanism of personality changing in response to an event still exists in all of humanity!)

Some of it is choice. Like a formerly abusive husband looking at their issues and changing their ways. Some never make that choice even when presented with the same circumstances, but others do.
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