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One of the pharaoh's masseuse? Feeding grapes/fanning the queen of Egypt?
No, no, no...clearly we were the ones being fanned and fed grapes. We are inspires and ideas people after all, we arn't built for manual labour or servitude!

We'd be women who were discribed as "acomplished" as we could do a little bit of everything, painting, dancing, playing music, writing poetry.

Jesters, comidians and funny men...poets and politicians, fighting for change. Speach writers for great men, or great men themselves, surrounded by loyal INXJs who saw their potentual and helped make their ideals a reality.

Or of course dancers, who scandelousely showed off their legs! Actresses/actors, jacks of all trades, and con men...charmers, who did what they had to in order to survive while trying not to hurt anyone, and never seemed to lose their smiles no matter how bad things seemed. Even when they were technically criminals, people it was hard to hate.

Warriors who fought for the people they loved, and their comunities.

People who did not always do what was socially aceptable, but who followed their hearts and did what they felt was right.
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