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What do ENFJs think about INFPs? (positive and negative)

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As an INFP, I was wondering what my personality type's natural partner thinks about it. For example, why do you think the INFP is listed as ENFJ's natural partner? Please be as detailed and concise as you are able, and it will be easier for me to do my best to respond in a way that is as detailed and concise as I am able to be. :)
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I think infp are wonderful human beings. The right amount of self-loathing and humor. The right amount of care and ability to disconnect. They have that special kind of intelligence that is unique and intriguing. They are good at expressing themself and their ideas. They have the self control to only show you what they want to and that makes it feel special when you are the person they want to show it to. I have an infp friend and some people think her kids are kind of unruly but they are actually very sweet energetic kids.. and I have seen her hold them in her arms and she loves them so much. You can tell she is a good mom. Infp love MOMENTS...they are moment people. They want to feel something and indulge in some way, and escape into their own world. They get bored easy and I can relate. They have hilarious insights. I do love them very much.

The cons are they have trouble maintaining relationships and jobs and things like that. They can get overwhelmed by others needs and take criticism personally and may feel frozen or go in a circle. So they are not exactly a beacon of stability lol. They tend to vibrate outside of reality sometimes lol (like intp) and this can be a little hard to deal with at least for myself.
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